Ahhh Spring…

Ahhh Spring in Iowa….The smell of lilacs in bloom, farmers planting the fields, the beautiful sunsets and tornado warnings are abundant!  Since the tornado in 2007, we’ve gotten this whole gathering animals and urgently heading to the basement thing, down to a science. Right now it’s just a tornado watch but it’s only one county over and not looking great for us.  In the past we’ve been truly blessed.  We have to pray that we’ll be alright and the weather will continue to go around us.  The year the tornado hit, i wouldn’t say we were lucky because the town got so much damage so we were all affected.  As far as Master and i though, we have truly been alright.  It’s been amazing and i will never take anything like that for granted.

Last spring we had some hail damage and that was the first time we’ve ever actually had real damage.  That wasn’t even really a storm.  All day today we’ve had tornado watches and two actual warnings.  That’s when my skin starts to crawl and i get that horrible pit in my stomach.  i’m thankful, so very thankful that we have an actual place to go.  There’s a cement area underneath the front porch that we use for Christmas decorations and Master built a nice shelving unit in there.  It’s also nothing but cement, all four walls and the roof is the front steps which are also cement.

It’s terrible to think of but in this area, we have to think of it all too often.  Today two of my least favorite things have occurred.  The ants came marching in, it happens at least once per summer and the tornadoes have started.  i’ll take ants any day over the tornadoes but i still freak out over the ants as well. =p  Lets make it through today and the tornadoes and tomorrow i’ll continue my freak out over the ants! haha!

We just talked to Master’s Dad to make sure he had a good plan and knew exactly what to do, just in case.  i made sure he had his cell phone and pillows and Master told me to tell him to grab the comforter off his bed.  When we go into town tonight i want to stop by his house and put it all back together for him lol!

Hopefully, the worst has past for the day! To all of you, please stay safe!  To those of you in Wisconsin, good thoughts to you!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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