Letting Things Go

In the past Master has been the One who has had a difficult time letting go of things.  This time a few things in the yard sale are mine or more accurately, were the animals.  Specifically, Zeeky’s cage.  i need to let it go, i really do.  This past week i got it all cleaned up and it looks really nice.  You can tell its been used of course but it would make a very nice home for a small parrot.  i had every hope that it would sell quickly.  i actually never thought it wouldn’t sell.  Especially after one gal looked at it Friday and was so excited about how nice it was and what good shape it was in for the price!

The yard sale is over and we barely even had a nibble, let alone a sale.  This cage isn’t small and the last thing we’re going to do is store it for another year.  i wasn’t really ready to get rid of it but now that it’s all cleaned up it’s even harder to look at it just empty, void of an occupant.  i really want someone to make it their home.  We sold some of the cutest dog toys today, all brand new and while it’s super sad, i love knowing that some little doggie somewhere is going to have fun playing with them, sort of a little tribute to Bobbie! =)

The sale started out very slowly today which was a big surprise seeing how beautiful it was today but we did OK with our crafts and that’s really all that matters.  i think as far as our actual yard sale goes, it blew buckets. LOL.

i have to hurry to get ready to go to our friends for dinner.  We have to go to very late tonight.  We pulled up at work last night, we had the best plan to work yesterday and be all finished with work.  We pulled up and the whole place was hopping like a night club on Rush Street!  i checked the calendar thoroughly and there was no event posted!  i even just checked my email and there was no mention of anything at all. Soooo screw the help! =p

i hope you all have a wonderful night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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