Getting Set Up

Today is the first day of our two day yard sale.  We’re just doing the afternoon today and it will mostly be lookie-loos this afternoon.  We’re only running from noon to 4pm today and we’ll be lucky if we’re out there by noon by the way we’re moving now.  Master is still in the shower and i’m just finishing getting dressed and ready to go outside.

The whole family has to go to a visitation for a family friend tonight so we’re getting together to go out to eat after the visitation as well. i think we’re going to work tonight to get that out of the way so we can concentrate on the yard sale tomorrow.  We’ve also been invited down  to Master’s buddy’s house again tomorrow night for steak.  We always bring some sort of dish to pass but even still, i feel as though we should do more.  This time we said we’d bring our own steak but they asked us to bring a side dish so that’s what we’ll do.  i just don’t want them to think we’re mooches even though they are the ones who constantly ask us to come over.  It’s nice to be asked but i certainly don’t want them to think of as people who just come over and eat their food.

Today was pretty much all about getting the yard sale setup so we’re ready to go tomorrow for the early birds.  People will start showing up the second you open your door so you really need to be ready to go the minute you open up!!

i hope you all have a wonderful Friday night.  Enjoy some time with your family!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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