Banana Splits and Yellow Bows

Last night was fun we went to our friends house for dinner.  We’re always a little late getting there because of the timing. Thankfully, last night it didn’t matter because when we got there they were shooting at some target that when you hit it, it blew up in some spectacular fashion.  When we got out of the car i immediately noticed that everyone was running around with headphones on and this was a giant concern for me!  Master turned to me and said “you might want to get back in the car!”.  Then our friend ran over to me with the headphones she was going to wear.  i could have gotten back in the car or gone in the house, it would have been OK. But she’s pretty amazing! =)

It took several shots and lots of fooling around with target before they finally hit this target thingy.  When they did it, i was soooo thankful that i was actually paying attention.  Everyone was pretty on edge the first few shots they took but they sort of stopped thinking about it after while.  i was actually watching the target when he took that last shot when it blew and it was sort of fun when it blew up, not that i’m into that stuff at all.  The sound it made though sounded like a cannon my family used to shoot when i was little.  i am so thankful i had those headphones! =)

my real father made cannons.  He did a lot of stuff with wood, he had a lathe and made the barrels himself and then i suppose went somewhere and had them covered.  i don’t know how it all worked.  i know he made one cannon for each of us kids, one for my Grandpa and a huge one for himself.  At one time when we lived in the country, long after my dad died, the biggest one was shot off, i remember at least twice.  We lived in sort of a valley so the sound it made was terrific.  i still have mine, i believe it’s been shot but i don’t know how many years it’s been, at least 40.

After all the shenanigans were over they started making supper.  It was pretty good, brats, salads and chips.  i love brats, it’s  quite possibly my favorite summer food. So if someone says brats, i’m all in!

After dinner settled everyone started talking about banana splits! Now, i’m listening!!! i just can’t apologize for my sweet tooth, as some call it. i just say, i like desserts.  Whatever it is, yes please! i even got to use the Tinkerbell bowl!!! What!?!??! =) =)

BananasplitNot a bad presentation either!  i wish i could take credit for it, but i can’t.  Trinket made it! She did a wonderful job too.

The other night Master decided to snap a couple pictures before supper.  i was finishing up some messaging before we ate so i think i was pretty oblivious to the photos.



Sunflowersi love these shoes! They are just a little small so they are sure to stay on my feet.  i have the hardest time with pumps staying on my feet! They have little bows!

i better get off here! It’s getting very late and we have work to do!

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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