The Pressure’s On

Today was a beautiful day!  We should really have headed out to play tennis had things not worked out quite the way they had, we might have been able to leave a little earlier for work and played before we went to work.  Unfortunately, i had another bad headache so we only just had time to clean right before the other group shows up to use the facilities!  So zoom zoom zoom!!

We’ve been invited down to Master’s buddies house again for brats and banana splits!! i love brats AND mostly i love banana splits.  i was just thinking i haven’t had a proper banana split since i was working in Illinois in a nursing home.  We used to go around to local high rises and so ice cream socials for the seniors in the community.  Of course, i did lots of ice cream for the residents in the nursing homes i worked in, but not actually banana splits, that i recall.  It’s the making them that’s the fun part, really.  The people in the community used to love to see us coming it was one of the highlights of their year, truly. It was just as fun for us too, it really was! =)

i will take a picture of mine and post it tomorrow, i hope i do a good job! The pressure’s on now… eek!! lol

Have a wonderful Saturday evening!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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