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Master and i are getting ready for our annual yard sale which is always Mothers Day weekend.  It’s actually good timing for us because we have been able to sell some of our craft items as Mothers Day gifts.  Hopefully it will be nicer weather this year than it has been in the past couple years.

i try not to wait until later at night to write because i usually have mush brain and it’s so hard to concentrate and write a blog post that makes sense later at night.  Also, yesterday, when Master and i were going into town we were getting into the car somehow i didn’t duck far enough into the car and i hit my head.  So i know how it used to feel to hit my head.  It hurt!  It really hurts to bump your head and you get a goose egg and in a few minutes it’s over.  For some reason now that i have these horrible headaches and my head hurts all the time, when i hit my head, immediately, i mean in a nano second, my head seems like it’s going to explode with some of the most horrific pain i have ever felt in my life.

That’s how it was yesterday, especially because i hit it so squarely dead on the side of my head.  i actually screamed a bit and i don’t remember what Master said but i said “NO You don’t understand!”.  Of course He doesn’t really understand but the point is He’s always right there to help me.  He ran and got an ice pack immediately and helped me through the initial pain.  It has lingered on for so so long though.  i even had the hardest time going to sleep last night because i couldn’t find a comfortable spot to lay my head on the pillow.  i know it will fade and all will be well again soon!

i hope you all had a wonderful Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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  • Tavia Smith

    Do you think your Daith ear piercing helped your headache problem? I had both ears pierced in that spot and can tell no difference.

    • Hey there Tavia, it’s nice to hear from you! So here’s the thing about the daith piercing that i’ve been wondering about. For the piercing itself, i’m not sure that just “having” the piercing is really reducing the headaches but Master asked me the other to work with the piercing during a bad headache. i was in the middle of what i call a “headache attack”. He told me to reach up and play with it, turn it, press on it, move the piercing, whatever. When i did that, i actually DID feel some relief. Perhaps you might try that on one ear or the other? Best of luck!

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