Seeing Green-Headed Monster

There have been fleeting moments over the past few days where i’ve thought about asking Master if it might not be a bad idea to start building an ARK.  Yesterday was such a terribly windy and rainy day we would have been the most popular people on the block and that would really be something, if i’m honest.  Today isn’t much better, the rain is still coming down but the wind has subsided a bit and i’m super grateful for that!

Even though this is blurry, it’s my favorite one of the bunch.  i’m happy to say that this particular punishment is over.

morewritingAs with any punishment, large or small, it’s a mind clearing event.  Ten quick swats for forgetting to lock the car or writing until your hand falls off.  Every single punishment serves a purpose.  Reconciliation within myself and forgiveness.  Most of the time it gives me time to forgive myself for my indiscretions, sometimes it just serves it’s purpose to knock my head back on straight.  Saying “Hey!, Where and Who do You belong to?”.  Sometimes it even allows me time to calm down and right my head and not be mad at Master anymore.  There have been times when i’ve gotten angry with Him for my punishments.  So if He gives me a cool down period it’s most generally exactly what i needed.  Time to look at things in a rational way, realizing that i’m not the perfect little slave i think i am and He’s not the Magnanimous Beast i thought He was when He delivered the punishment!! LOL

i screw up a lot, i always will.  It’s just in my nature to make mistakes, big and small and i’m not easy to correct.  He has always had His hands full with me, that’s the plain truth of it and i have to be thankful for the times when He’s given me those times to cool off and think.  He’s never a Beast, i’m just angry and it’s easier for me to be right when i think of Him that way.  Isn’t it easier to be mad at someone when you picture them with a green head and horns?  It is for me.  Truth be told, Master’s always the One i cry for when i’m hurting and sad or just want someone to hold.  That can’t be a Green-Headed Monster, can it?

Thank You Master for putting up with me, for everything.  i love You. =)

i hope you can sort out my rambling!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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  • jjack

    I was going to ask you a question. The question was “do you ever get punished?” Thanks for the answer.

  • Thanks for the interest and of course you got your answer here with this post. The real answer is, yes i get punished, but not nearly often enough. That’s not Master saying it, it’s me and that’s not me being a martyr either, that’s just the simple truth. i have always said that i mess up a lot because i do. Not on purpose, i just have a bit of a strong will sometimes and often times think that i know the best way to do things. That’s not an attractive asset in a slavegirl. Sometimes, i’m right and i DO know the right way to do things, it’s just the way i go about presenting myself. Master punishes me, sometimes He punishes me at the time but a lot of the time He’ll think about it and give me a punishment long after the time of the incident. He likes to “bundle” punishments!! That having been said, i still don’t get punished often enough. We both know that if He punished me every time i made a mistake i would be in constant punishment. i’m a good slave, usually. i just need work, always even after 16 years, i need work.

    Thank you for your “would be” question!! =)

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