Perfect Pink Purse?

Master and i went to work very late last night and if i had my way about it we’d never go to work late on Saturday night again.  i absolutely hate going to work that late, more over getting home after 2am.  We have a messed up schedule compared to other people, i would much rather have a more “normal” schedule and Master likes having being more of night owl.  i have also always been a night owl but just not as much as Master.  i just operate a little better when i get up and get things done a bit earlier.  i’m not a 6am person, i’m more of a 9am person, even 10 works! =)

Today is a pick up day for me.  Pick up the house, do a little laundry, i’m finally caught up with the regular stuff, now i’m trying to stay caught up and doing extra things that have been loafing around for ages.  i’ve had pillows sitting around since our older kitty made messes and i wasn’t happy how they came out so now that i’m all caught up on regular items i can work on putting the rest of the house back together.  The night i “thought” i was all caught up on my laundry i made this big grand announcement!!! “May i have your attention please???!!!” i had Master and probably Kerpy, i don’t remember come into the laundry room and i said something like “At this time… i… am DONE with the laundry!!!” So then Master started looking around pointed at the pillows and the mattress cover and Bob’s bed that was sitting there, extra stuff that i guess i wasn’t specifically counting because it wasn’t weighing heavily on my mind.  He made it very clear that i was in fact, NOT caught up with my laundry.  He probably seven or eight different discoveries and i was completely defeated.  Huh, okay then, announcement fail.

i am going to keep at it until i’m sure i’m done with everything because i will feel amazing when every stitch of clothing, blanket, pillow case, dog bed whatever sort of material in this house that needs washing is washed, dried, folded, put away, thrown away or given away.  i will feel great when or if that ever happens.

The other day Master and i went to town to meet friends for dinner.  We had a little time to kill and Master said i could look for a new purse! =)  He is really good at picking out the right purse for me and we found almost the perfect one, but not exactly!  We didn’t have a ton of time but enough time for both of us to browse and Him to sneak in a few pictures too!

purseshoppingThere’s some specific criteria when looking for a purse for me!  Number one, it can not be too big!! i’ve had way too many large purses and i get incredibly unorganized with a large purse.  Secondly, it’s spring and that means, pink! =)

Onward with the quest for the perfect pink purse! Is it out there?

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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