Almost Done!

Master and i got the second coat of stain on today.  It didn’t seem like it needed it but as we got going we couldn’t really stop.  i think once it dries it will look better and not quite as light in some spots.

We also stained the trim that we’re putting up on the paneling, there are only two pieces so it took about one minute to get that finished.  With any luck we’re done staining and can put that nasty smelling stuff away!  This time we opened the house up before hand and turned the ceiling fans on before we started!  i really hope that helps because i don’t want to have the house smelling like poison again.

We’re going to work late tonight. Something i really hate doing but this week it was sort of unavoidable if we wanted to get the frame finished today.  Master really wants to get the whole project finished so that was the plan for the day.  i don’t blame Him wanting to finish, it’s taken a long time to get this done, we just always have so many interruptions.  i’ll be glad when it’s done also.

Don’t forget friends that March is Q and A month.  If there’s anything you’d like to ask me or anything you might not know about me after all this time, feel free to ask!  i can’t imagine there’s anything that i haven’t answered after all these years, but if you can think of it, i’ll answer it.  Here in the comments section or if you’d rather remain anon, shoot me an email,

Have a wonderful Saturday night!

Peace to you ad yours,

MD’s treasure

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