Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Master and i spent most of Tuesday evening and night staining the frame and wheeeewie was that a mess!  We’ve never done anything that dark before and i think part of the issue was that we didn’t take it apart before staining.  We talked about it and then ultimately decided against it, that might have been a mistake.  The only reason i say that is because we were working from a ladder and not from a flat surface.  That made things messier.  The really nice thing about having it all put together was that it was all completely exposed and no flipping, turning, waiting to do the other side until the first side is dry, etc.  While it was a mess, it certainly went faster.  We were a mess too, that dark stain made me look like i had the worst case of the measles known to man.  my legs are still pretty bad but i think it’s worn off the rest of me for the most part!! i missed my opportunity to take a picture for the full effect.

The smell wasn’t so bad during the staining, we had a fan running and i think it was pretty gradual, but afterward, when i came upstairs, the smell just lingered and wow.  Just wow, it got so bad that i was worried about Pixie.  Master opened one of the bedroom windows wide for a few minutes but for the rest of the week we left two windows open, even though it was like 12 degrees outside.  i know this because Master came inside and said something like HOLY SH&T it’s 12 degrees outside!!!  my head was just about to explode and it was just nasty, we could handle it though but she’s just a wee one though.  She’s going to be 2 this May! =)

The other thing i think we really need to think about once we’ve got things in place for this dungeon is a door!  It’s not like there’s a heavy flow of traffic in our basement, we don’t have people running in and out all the time but it happens once in a while and now there’s no explaining that huge frame thing.  i have been pretty clever in the past coming up wit stupid things to say to people about why we’re going to “this” place or what we’re doing with “that” particular thing but if someone were to see that colossal frame with all kinds of hooks coming out of it, yeah i got nothing.  If there’s ever any chance of Master’s sister coming to the basement, and that could happen, we need to pop a door up there.  Nothing fancy, just something that closes.  All along i had thought i’d make one of those cool beaded curtains that used to be so popular in the 60’s, i thought i would make one.  Well that’s not nearly enough to cover our perverseness.  i have a nice little collection of beads going too but i’m sure i can find something else to do with them, like make wind chimes or something, i’ve always wanted to do that too! =)  Ideally, we wouldn’t have to hide anything ever but that’s just not a reality so we do what we have to do right now.

It’s a beautiful day here today, cold but sunny.  i won’t complain about the cold though, at least it’s not 12 degrees anymore!! i guess we are going to get a bit of winter weather, it’s just going to be very late.  i hope all our friends on the east coast are fairing well through the nasty storm.  my brother is just outside of Boston and i guess he was able to get out, i don’t know how badly they got hit, however.

Tonight we’re going out for corned beef and cabbage with Master’s Dad, sister, brother in law and i can only assume, his mom.  It’s been a tradition for a few years now and it’s something that Master really looks forward to.  i’m not a cabbage eater but i like the other veggies that come with it, usually carrots, or whatever.  i remember serving corned beef and cabbage at the annual dinner at my old church a hundred years ago, curiously enough, the church was called…. St. Patricks! =) my sister was even married there (the first time), beautiful church.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! Erin Go Bragh to my Irish friends out there!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s (not Irish) treasure



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