Good On Ya!

The spring weather has started early this year.  We’ve had yet another tornado.  Not in our little town but the main town just adjacent to us.  As tornadoes do, it caused a significant amount of damage.  Taking out a few homes, many trees and did some major damage to one church and a few businesses.  We only had wind damage but very minor, i think a few rotten fence pickets.   Master’s best friend lives very near, like one or two blocks from the path the tornado took.  They were spared and had almost no damage whatsoever.

i am simply not mentally prepared for another spring filled with thunderstorm warnings, running to the basement every time there’s a tornado watch, running for the cat carrier when i hear the tornado siren….i already have bottles of water, tons of batteries, flashlights gallor. Every year it seems to get worse and worse.  Monday, the day of the storms, there were 29 tornadoes either spotted or seen through the weather map, however that works.  Either way, too stinking many, right here! Not like in the US but 29, right here!

i think i was feeling particularly thankful and grateful for things and somehow needed to do something … good? i don’t really think this was necessarily good, but i wanted to do something nice for the little lady i watch.  Right now Master’s sister is away and His brother in law plays cards on Wednesday night so i thought he could bring her here, i could make her dinner and she could spend a couple of hours here with me, while he went and played cards and didn’t have to worry about his mom at all.  So i called Master’s brother in law and offered my services except this time i wanted to donate my services.  He’s been very generous and i certainly could give back!  i also thought there’s no reason he shouldn’t stop and have dinner too but he said he’d love to eat but asked if he could eat when he picked his mom up!  He was a little superstitious and didn’t want to play poker on a full stomach! hahaha!!!

His Mom and i had a nice time, she ate a nice dinner and of course asked her repeated questions but we still had a nice little talk.  i noticed she was much more calm when he dropped her off and that’s certainly in no small part due to Master’s sister’s absence.  The more calm her environment is, the better she’ll feel.  However, Master’s sister can not be all to blame here.  She has been thrust into an impossible situation where she’s forced to be a caregiver to an elderly very confused lady and it’s not her fault that she doesn’t know how to deal with her.  What IS her fault is that she won’t accept help in any way and she’s making it worse by always having to be right.

It was a nice night and i always have a nice time chatting with Master’s brother in law.  Master basically tolerates him but he is pretty entertaining.  Just last week when he and Master were taking the new chair to Master’s dad’s house i guess Master and had a bit of a talk with His brother in law about this whole situation, Master’s sister, how she yelled at me that one night for being “too nice” to the little lady…. Anyway i guess His brother in law told Master that he’d like to ask me to lunch or coffee to spend time just talking and i think pick my brain about ideas and different ways to manage her behavior.  The worse it gets, the more redirection she’s going to need, the more help and ideas he’ll need.  The worse his mom gets, the worse Master’s sister is going to be toward her, i fear.  i can only hope there’s a period where Master’s sister realizes she really can’t help how she acts.  That would be a miracle for the little lady and i pray for that.

That’s my soap box for the day.  i apologize to anyone who is still reading.  i’m sure i’ve lost the majority of you by now.  Anyone who is still reading, well then, good on ya! Thank you.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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  • Anonymous

    I have read here for quite some time, but rarely comment. This spoke to me. I hope for your Masters’ brother in laws’ sake that your sister in law will realize that her mother in law can’t help how she is. I will send all the positive energy i have your way.

    • There are few things that i care more about than the care of the elderly. i know this was truly one thing i was “called” to do, if you will. The fact that Master’s sister won’t even listen to reasonable explanation about this disease is beyond comprehension. One time, she indicated that her mother in law does everything she does on purpose and that she’s got control of her faculties when she’s acting out of control. There is a very thin line that i’m able to walk here because to be extremely blunt, Master’s sister is a hag. She’ll yell at me and there will be a hole ripped in the family and then i won’t be able to help the little lady at all. i am a true advocate and i can’t afford to remove myself. Her son, Master’s brother in law is as wonderful to her as he can be but he too is extremely frustrated because he’s not trained in Alzheimers and Dementia care. He does the very best that he can but he also looses his temper. All this being said, we try, Master and i to explain to her that this is a disease, she can’t help what’s happening to her anymore if she had cancer, she wouldn’t be able to stop the growth of a tumor. This is a cruel disease that she believes is happening to “her”. Thank you for your comment and concern, it’s very well received and i couldn’t appreciate you any more. Thank you, again.

  • Very interesting story, I am willing to hear more about you guys. It seems like by you really things happening .I am happy you you share it with us.

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