Saturday Night, Movie Night

Master and i are going to work a little early today so we can try to get home early and have an early dinner, unlike most nights.  We’re leaving here soon and with any luck we’ll be home not too long after dark, ready to sit down and eat after we put away just a few groceries.

Master said that tomorrow, He’s putting me to work. i can only assume that means i have to help sand and get the frame He built ready for staining/painting.  i don’t mind sanding but this thing is huge and is going to need a ton of sanding.  It’s going to take hours, even with two people.  i worked on the house a lot yesterday and i was getting under the sink to get out the furniture polish and thought, well that’s dumb the whole house is going to be covered in dust, so i’ll wait and dust as soon as we get that sanded! =)

i haven’t been outside yet today but it looks like it’s a beautiful day! That’s one thing about Bobbie being gone, i used to be outside all the time or at least know what it was like outside because i was in and out with him many, many times per day.  Now if we don’t leave the house for a day, i could never open the door for the entire day.  Our back door has remained closed for weeks at a time, since Bob has been gone.  It’s incredible, how much time i spent with that little fella.  The free time is nice, but i sure do miss him.

Master has me dressed in my new camisk tonight.  It’s not the best fit, it was cut too low but i think we can fix it and make it look better and fit better.  We didn’t make it home very early, not nearly as early as we’d hoped but that’s normal for us.  i have dinner in the oven and in just a few minutes we’ll be well on our way to a nice movie night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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