Short and Sweet

Master and His brother in law got Master’s Dad’s new lift chair set up in his house yesterday.  It’s awesome.  It was pretty expensive for a chair but if it’s comfortable for him then it’s worth every penny.  He’s got the money and he might as well spend it on his own comfort and well being.  i am happy to see him doing so well after he has been using his adjustable bed for such a short time.  He was barely able to walk upright and now he’s standing tall and at times not even using his walker.  Those are big improvements!

Master and i have both been working here at home today.  He’s been working in the basement on dungeon projects and i’ve been doing a bit of much over due cleaning.  i’ve had plenty of help from Pixie, i’m not sure just how helpful she is but she sure does like to be around when the work is being done.  She’s nothing like our past two companions, i’ll say that much for her.  She’s so bold.  She’s afraid of nothing, she doesn’t care if you start up something super loud or if she doesn’t make a jump that’s almost nine feet in the air, she’ll figure out a way not to fall.  For a while i thought she was deaf or at least very hard of hearing.  i’m not sure if either one is the case, she’s just not afraid of anything.  We can start up a vacuum right near her and she won’t even budge!  She just looks up as though she wishes we’d turn it off! haha

Not much else is going on today, so i’ll cut this short and sweet.  i hope you’re having a great Friday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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