Today is the Daytona 500 and the Academy Awards. Master used to be a big NASCAR fan but several years ago He fell away from the sport and is now a very casual observer.  He watches the main events, IE today’s race and maybe He’ll try to catch one or two others throughout the year.  i’ve never been a racing fan although i did like a couple of the drivers.  The races were too long and boring for me so i basically just sort of napped through them.

The Academy Awards are a different animal altogether.  This is a one time a year thing and we love to see the stars, i love to see the gowns, Master loves to get a glimpse of the shoes if at all possible and we both love hearing about the movies.  We both love the movies and the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.  i can’t think about Hollywood without thinking about when Master and i went to see the wax museum and saw the ruby slippers, Elvis, Marylin Monroe, some of the outfits that she wore.  Judy Garland and how tiny that blue and white checkered dress was that she wore in the movie, Wizard of Oz. Then i remembered this picture!

WizardofozMaster and i were out shopping one day and He snapped a picture of it, it was amazing and very true! =)

i think i’m going to get busy and try to get a little something accomplished before the festivities begin for the evening!! i hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday afternoon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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