Renaissance Fair

Master and i are going to a Renaissance Fair today.  i personally have never been to one and it’s always been something i’ve wanted to do!  i am super excited and hoping for a fun day.  Master wasn’t feeling all that well yesterday but last night things started looking up for Him so i think we’re still on track for the fair today.

i don’t have a picture to post yet as i’m writing this pretty early and i didn’t get a chance to get one off of Master’s phone last night.  i’m going to take a chance that we get a couple today at the fair so i can post them tonight on this post! =)

i hope everyone is having fun this Memorial weekend and enjoying the somewhat temperamental weather.  =)

More much later today!

renWe had a good time today even though the Ren Fair itself was a little bit of a let down.  It wasn’t as well done as we were hoping but it was a fun day none the less.  i was totally shocked at how many people were standing in line for tickets when we got there but the line moved super fast and we only had to wait 45 minutes.

Tomorrow everyone is coming here for a cook out and Master and i lots to do! i’m looking forward to just vegging out tonight so i’m off here for now! i hope you are all having a wonderful night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure




i went with Master, His Dad and Sister to that stupid appointment yesterday to see the lawyer.  i asked for a relatively simple “favor” if you will.  i just asked the lawyer to speak in terms Master’s Dad would understand, i know Master’s Dad and i know the elderly. i understand how they hear things and how they interpret certain phrases and what terms sound scary.  i just wanted the lawyer to please explain or just work with us a bit. Master said after the meeting that at one point He thought the lawyer and i were going to come to blows. LOL

Now i don’t usually get angry or that upset because MOST people are reasonable and will work with you.  It wasn’t an unreasonable request.  i just wanted him to use different terminology for Master’s Dad’s benefit, simple as that.  i think he might have thought i was trying to pull the wool over his eyes or something.  The only reason i spoke up was because this was part of my job in long term care.  i am now completely regretting even opening my mouth at that meeting! =p

After the meeting Master and i went to the store to get just a couple of things to take to His sister’s house.  Then we headed out there for the evening.  She made these little individual flat bread pizzas that i thought were really good, i don’t think Master loved them but i thought they were good.  Then we just played gamed until all hours of the morning, as usual!!  We always stay too late and i always say that.  Last night i wanted to leave a little earlier but we didn’t.  It’s fine, it’s a good time, it just sort of ruins the next day because i get up so late.

i’m off here for now.  Master said i’m going to give us both a shower and we’re going to have the sexy time!!! =)

Gotta go!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



This afternoon i am tagging along with Master to an appointment Master has to attend with His and His Dad’s attorney.  i’m hoping this goes quickly and smoothly.  If Master’s brother in law is in attendance, it won’t be quick but it might certainly be a more thorough that’s for sure! lol! Master is not a fan of lawyer so the sooner we get out of there the better!! =)

We don’t have big plans for the weekend but we are going out to Master’s sister’s house tonight for supper and games, if we ever get out of the lawyer appointment! =) i don’t have a whole lot today other than to wish you all a safe weekend and i hope you’re all going to have lots of fun with your families!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


The Right Choice

Today we’re planning on getting some much needed outside work done.  Although our mower isn’t really in working order at the moment, we have plenty of other things that need doing in a big bad way!

This is still an introduction phase with the new kitty.  We also decided to change her name!  For some reason, Ladybug just didn’t seem to fit or flow for her, i’m not sure why.  i love fairies and everything about them so when we thought of Pixie i totally fell in love with the name!  Master isn’t so quick to decide so it took Him much longer to accept any name at all.  He finally decided that would be her name long after i was completely hooked!!

The more i look at her the more i see our Pixie! =)

mommypixieShe’s very playful and trying to learn how to live with a brother and sister that she’s never had before.  The brother is a huge pain in the butt Yorkie who can’t see and just barks where he “thinks” she is and the resident cat is already bored of her and her antics.

i wasn’t even sure i wanted another cat really.  i knew she’d ad more work to the things i already don’t get done and Master says i don’t do half of things He wants me to do in the first place. Adding more responsibilities to my day just wasn’t the best idea but i knew after a couple days that she wasn’t going anywhere and Master was certainly hooked as was i, so it was a done deal.  =)  The deciding factor was simply not being able to send her back out to who knows where with no family.


That’s the bottom line, we can’t look into an animals eyes, knowing they have no where to go and just shut the door and say “good luck”.  We could have taken her to the Humane Society but she chose us this time and wasn’t taking no for an answer.  i’m happy to know that faced with a decision like that, we made the right choice!

i better go we have so much to do today and it’s getting late!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Over His Knee

The other day Master and i had been out running errands.  We had just gotten home and i was working on supper.  He had just sat down on the sofa when i walked in there to ask Him a question.  He told me to kneel down and bend over His knee!! i was pretty sure i hadn’t done anything wrong, but to be perfectly honest, i can never be too sure!

Once i was over His knee He began giving me a few quick sharp swats with His hand.  It wasn’t terrible but His hands are just about the worst instruments there are when i get a spanking, i think.  Even though that particular day i was dressed in a panty girdle and pantyhose, i had a bit of padding, the swats were still very “stinging”!! Master got me up off His lap and said “As hot as you look, go get dressed for bed”.  i simply said “yes Master” and walked away rubbing my fairly sore and red fanny! =)

A few minutes later Master came to the bedroom door and told me how hot it looked watching me walk down the hallway toward the bedroom, dress up, rubbing my sore behind over my girdle and pantyhose,  just after a spanking.  =)

He thought it might be a fun scene to share here.

my sister in law will be here soon, i better scoot!  Have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



This year’s yard sale was a little different!  We had a little help while we were setting up!  The neighbor across the street has been notorious for feeding many cats and then just letting them breed and run around the neighborhood wild.  For some reason this little cat came into our garage and just wouldn’t leave.  i thought she looked a little fat around the middle but i wasn’t sure.  After a few days it became the general consensus that she was indeed having babies! Ugh!  That just added to our already difficult situation!

In the past week or so i’ve made more phone calls than i can count trying to figure out the best scenario for this little kitty.  Finally i found an inexpensive country vet who was experienced and more than qualified to help us out with our little bundle of joy!  As it turned out she wasn’t pregnant at all.  She may have had a little and weened them already, she was certainly in heat he could tell that much!

While we certainly weren’t looking for a new pet, she most assuredly came looking for a new family and she chose us!  She made no bones about the fact that she was here to stay so we needed to figure out how we were going to take care of her.  Master mentioned that maybe she came to us for a reason.  We just lost Zeeky last month and i noticed McLoven, our five year old fish starting to get sick and he died, this week.  You just never know why things happen but it’s very possible that she’s here for a reason! =)

We had the hardest time naming her but we finally decided on Ladybug! We certainly won’t stick to just Ladybug i’m sure she’ll become Bug or Buggie or Buggle or who knows what! For now she’s Ladybug. Pics to follow, i’m sure!

Tonight is movie night.  i am going to give the dog a hair cut.  Right now i’m not even sure you can call him a dog.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Cuffs & Queries

i’ve had a few questions lately, about either my sister or Master’s family.  The basic question is whether or not they know about our lifestyle.  Yes, i have a very specific way i dress, i do have a tattoo but only one that almost no one knows about.  i also have a few piercings but when i’m dressed, the only one that is prominent is my septum. One has to look for everything else i wear as far as the piercings go.  Almost no one knows i have nipple piercings unless they read my blog and no one reads my blog except for lifestylers so i don’t have much to worry about.

That having been said, i don’t have much to worry about either way, do i?  i mean i guess my sister pretty much has an idea about us and Master’s family, while they don’t know the name for it, they certainly know that we live a bit differently than other couples they know.  There just isn’t anything i feel like we need to hide anymore and i’m just not worried about fielding their questions.  If they are brave enough to ask the questions then we’ll be happy to answer them!  Sometimes i think that no one asks us about our life because they just don’t want to hear the truth!

When Master were out the other day before my botox treatments, He took my collar off before the shots.  That’s a pretty rare occasion for me to be without a collar but i was wearing the eternity cuffs. They are a good match for the eternity collar i have but i don’t wear that collar all that often.

Someone was asking about the cuffs, whether or not i wear them as a replacement for Master’s collar.  i don’t.  As i’m rarely without His collar, this is just a very rare occasion where i couldn’t wear His collar and He put the cuffs on me.  i don’t ever wear anything as a replacement though. =)

shopcuffi love your comments and questions.  i hope i’m answering your questions well enough.  i can understand how it would appear that there’s no possible way that our family doesn’t know about us.  Maybe they do, i don’t know and honestly i don’t care if they do as long as they are accepting of us and the way we live.  All i know is that they’ve never come right out and acknowledged us and our relationship.  The closest we’ve come is when my sister asked questions and she wasn’t terribly accepting. “People fear what they do not understand” i don’t know who said it but they were spot on!

i better get moving if i ever want to get anything done today!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Blustery Day

Today was our annual Spring yard sale.  It’s been pretty nice all week but today it was about 45 degrees at 8:30am and super windy.  Needless to say, not a lot of people want to go out shopping on a blustery day like that.  It was pretty disappointing at first but the traffic picked up a bit the later it got in the day.  We didn’t sell many of our crafts, which is primarily why we hold this stupid sale to begin with but we did get rid of some volume.  We’re still trying to clear out a few things and we did that too.

We’ve about run out of things to sell!  i was toying with the idea of selling our living room chairs, they are very old.  The only thing is, if we sell them, then what do we do? lol So i decided not to sell them.  Master let me make the final decision on them and for now, i think we’ll keep what we have so at least there’s somewhere else to sit other than the couch!

Tonight Master and i have to go to work and after getting up at 5:30am i’m pretty beat and that’s after taking about an hour and 1/2 nap.  i am going to try to lie back down for a while.  We can’t leave for at least an hour if not longer anyway.

i’m looking forward to tomorrow when we can get started cleaning up from the yard sale.  This is always one event i’m happy to put behind us! =)

i hope you’re all having a good Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Things in our life are bordering on ridiculous.  Last Sunday night Master and i went out for dinner with His family.  His sister, brother in law, the brother in law’s Mom (who from this day forward shall respectfully and fondly be known as Granny Goose) and Master’s Dad, of course.  After dinner we went back to Master’s Dad’s house to play some games and just basically hang out for a while.

We (Master) had every intention of taking off the eternity cuffs that He put on me a few days earlier but when we got to Master’s Dad’s house, he was waiting in the driveway so we forgot.  They are bit more garish than we need to be around His family.  When we got back to Master’s Dad’s house Master grabbed the key to the cuffs and had every intention of taking them off as soon as His Dad got out of the car……

We pulled into the driveway and His Dad says “I don’t feel like getting out of the car, I think I’ll sit here a while.”  He said he was just working up the energy to get up.  Naturally, he would choose that very moment to just have to sit and work up the energy to get up, right? Well i got out and just took a few things into the house while Master waited in the car pretending to gather His things, Master’s Dad, still sitting in the back seat.  Finally, he decides to get up and walk into the garage and go into the house.  Master, still sitting in the car, me in the house.  He takes one step up into the house (there are grab bars to get into the house, put there by Master) he missed the second step or just lost his balance, we don’t know what happened. He was most likely sitting in the car because he was weak and didn’t say anything! =(

Master saw him going backward falling toward the van parked in the garage! Master thought for sure he would smack his head on the van or on the cement floor.  Master flew out of the car, everything on His lap flying all over the place and by the time He got to His Dad he wasn’t moving.  It was only a moment before His Dad turned over toward Master and said he was OK.  i heard Master say “I saw you fall, are you OK?”

He really just skinned up his elbow and said he was fine.  All night long, i asked him how he was feeling and if he had any pain anywhere.  The next day i talked to him several times and asked him how he was doing.  At 6pm i spoke to him and he said his wrist hurt pretty bad but he could move it all over the place.  He didn’t think it was too bad so he’d call the Dr in the morning. He and i decided that was a good plan and i would call him later to check on him.

Master and i planned a great movie night!  We would get sandwiches and we were going to finally watch Star Wars!! First Master chose an Adam Sandler movie we’d been wanting to watch!  It was really going to be a fun night and seeing that things haven’t been going so well for us we were looking forward to a great night!! =)

About twenty minutes left on our Adam Sandler movie the phone rings, it’s 10pm.  He’s in so much pain he thinks he’s going to throw up, we have to go to the ER…. now.

We’re at the ER for FOUR hours.  We’re in a small town and i kid you not there was ONE other patient there.  ONE.  When i went to ask about his X-ray the nurse had her feet up on the desk.  Yet we were there for FOUR stinking hours!!  They never came to make him comfortable, put him in the bed so he could sleep, nothing.  They never even offered him anything for pain.  Master and i were really upset that they were just ignoring him and not doing a thing for His dad!

The “best” part?  The ER doctor and the radiologist couldn’t read the Xray because he had too much arthritis.  They put a hard splint on his arm and said he’s gotta see a different doctor.  The only good thing is that now he’s not in as much pain.  The bad part is he can’t really do very much for himself.  He’s getting along better now because we have a plan. Bath aids, easy foods all that stuff.

That’s my venting for today.  Now we have to get ready for this yard sale or it’s just not going to happen!

i am sorry about the terrible rant! i really am.  i’m am sure there are a billion and one typos!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


We have a million things to do today and about 4 hours to get them finished.  Needless to say, we’re not going to get everything finished! =)

This is from the other day when i got my Botox! We did some shopping before i got my shots and Master put the leather collar on me.  You’ll notice i have no collar on in these photos because i don’t wear the leather collar in public.  This is the only situation (that i can think of) you’ll see me without a collar.

shop1We are buying lots of supplies for our job!  It’s fun to spend other people’s money! =)












Master grabbed a couple of photos of me while we were waiting in the doctor’s office.  We were sort of lucky, there was almost no one in there!


tryingondressThis is just a cute little dress we found the other day for $5.00.  Master snapped a photo of me trying it on.  The picture is a little dark because the fitting rooms were dark and tiny!

i better scoot! i hope you’re all having a lovely Mother’s Day Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

To all the ladies out there, no matter if you’re a mom to a human child a furry, a feathered, hairy or whoever, i know you’ve all mothered someone or something in your lifetime.  Happy Mothers Day!

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