Small Sacrifices

nipplejewelryThe thing about having piercings is that no matter how much you enjoy them, there are always a few down sides to them.  They always take a while to heal and every once in a while, something happens they just get sore, sometime for no reason at all.  i have had the nipple rings since the summer of 2002 and for the most part, they’ve been just great!  Every few years Master gave me new rings, bar bells or curved bar bells for Christmas and we went up a gauge at a time.  Now we’re at 4g and i’ve been here for quite some time.  i haven’t had any real trouble for a long time.  One of them might get a little irritated but it will go away in a day or two.

About a week ago the right nipple ring started to hurt and i figured that i might have a small grain of sand in there.  That’s not uncommon.  We live in sand and it happened a lot more when we had more animals but it’s not impossible.  When i went to bed one night it was so sore i though it was so uncomfortable i might as well just get out of bed and go through my regular procedure so i did what i always do.  i took the ring completely out and washed the whole thing out and rinsed water through the hole, which is pretty large.  When i put the ring back in i thought certainly that would do it and the next day, everything would be better.

That was several days ago and as of yesterday it was horrible, much, much worse.  Obviously whatever got in there is still in there! Last night Master and i went to the store and bought supplies to give i a thorough flushing! Today i had to bite the bullet and as much as it hurt, i had to coax the ring out and flush it with sea salt water.  i did that many times once i had the ring out and Master got me a smaller ring to put in.  The gauge is the same but the ring diameter is smaller and titanium so it weighs almost nothing!  With any luck that will have done the job and it will be better tomorrow!

The last thing i want to do is go to the ER and have it looked at because all they will do is flush it and tell me to take the ring out.  i’m not going to do that unless there’s some real infection, which there is not, there’s actually nothing visibly wrong, it’s not even inflamed.

i have always loved having nipple piercings and the days they have bothered me have been very few and far between.  It’s just like anything, you have to make sacrifices to have things that are worthwhile! =)

i hope you’re all having a terrific Sunday evening!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Life Is Precious

Master and i had a pretty good day yesterday.  The day wasn’t quite as bad as i thought it was going to be.  We met my friend for a snack and had a nice chat.  Master doesn’t ever really join in the conversation much because she’s really strictly my friend.  i’ve known her since the 2nd grade and we just try to catch up as much as possible in the short time we see each other.  Master knows her of course but it’s only what He’s heard or learned in the last 15 years.  He’s also not her biggest fan so He’s nice to her, He just lets us chat most of the time.

After we parted ways with my friend, we ran a couple of errands.  It was crappy outside and it wasn’t as easy to navigate up there as it usually is for me.  It was a Friday evening in a busy city and it’s always harder if you’re not the driver.  i didn’t print directions to the funeral home, i just relied on my memory.  That was a bad decision.  i knew where it was, sort of.  We literally drove around the block i think four times looking at the funeral home.  Then Master spied the bank we needed! Once inside the bank, we got bad, but effective directions. Finally with a little help from the lady at the bank and a couple of good decisions by Master, we got there!

It’s amazing how much of that huge city i remember and then when it really counted, i couldn’t remember those tiny little twists and turns we needed to take to get to our destination! i was so very relieved when we got there!  Then when we finally pulled into the parking lot, it hit me that we were actually there.  There were plenty of people in line so it gave me a chance to prepare to see my good friend.  There were other people there that i used to work with.  When i went up to one of them, she had zero idea who i was.  i had to tell her who i was.  i was pretty concerned that she didn’t recognize me.  When we got home i asked my sister if i looked really bad or something.  my sister said it’s because of the weight loss.  i hope so because i feel like i must look like i’m 60 or something, by the way she looked at me.  When we finally got to my friend, she didn’t know me right away either.  That didn’t surprise me as much.  She’d been looking at strange people all evening and we hadn’t seen each other in about six years.  When it did click she was a bit of a mess and i felt pretty bad.  She was pretty touched that Master and i went all that way for her.  She really broke down a  bit and her family handed her tissues.  Her family even really thanked us for coming for her.  i told her there was no way i couldn’t come for her.  She’s was my best and she really truly was, my best for the longest time.  We were each other’s rocks for a long time.

i hope she’s going to be OK, i’m worried about her and i will reach out to her in the coming weeks.  i will make sure she knows i’m here for her.  She might just want to write on facebook or just chat on the phone.  She might not want anything and that’s OK too.

Afterward Master and i went to Giordano’s for deep dish Chicago style pizza.  We only ate 1/2 and brought the other 1/2 home for Sunday night movie pizza!! Yay!!

Today, we’re going to haul rock and if i don’t get my butt in gear, i’m going to hear about it!  Master’s going to be ready and i’m not! Eeep!

i hope you’re all having a good Saturday!  Be good to each other!! It’s so very obvious to me as of late how precious life can be.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Life As We Know It

The other morning i grabbed my tablet to check the time first thing, just like every morning.  Then i scrolled through Facebook like i do every day.  The very first thing i came across was that one of my very closest friend’s husband had passed away last Sunday.  No warning, just died in his sleep, he was 57.  i worked with her at my last job and for years she and i were inseperable.  Neither she nor i drank and her husband worked a lot so we were a good match to hang out together and do stuff.  We went to all kinds of activities together and when her Mom passed away i was a good distraction for her.

It was very hard for her when i moved here and we’ve lost touch but that doesn’t matter, we’re still close at heart and i have to go to the visitation at least.  That’s what we’re doing today.  Master met her husband and He’s met her on several occasions.  She’s hilarious and the most genuine person i think i know.  She made me much better at my job and certainly made me work harder!

We’re also seeing my oldest friend today for a late lunch.  i’m looking forward to seeing her.  She just got remarried so i’m looking forward to hearing about that.  Her husband won’t be there and that’s a shame.  He’s amazing and Master actually likes him which is also amazing! haha!

Of course i’m not looking forward to the visitation but i hope i at least get to talk to my friend for a few minutes, even if we have to wait around until there is a break in people.  That might be a while because this man was very well loved.

i better shove off here because we have a long drive and i’m not ready.

i hope you’re all having a good Friday.  Stay strong in the wake of a new world, we’ll need to band together in order to make it through the next four years.  i pray life as we know it, stays unchanged.

Peace and blessings to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Quiet Sunday

Master is working in the basement and i am doing a bit of straightening up the house.  Then it’s just going to be another movie night and a quiet Sunday. We were supposed to get a very nasty ice storm but i’m not sure if that’s going to materialize or not.  It would be terrific if it doesn’t because they were talking about it being so bad that it could take down trees and people losing power for a long time.  Our power is underground but where it comes from is above ground.

Last night Master and i went to His buddy’s house and we had a good dinner but i asked Master if we could come home a little early.  Not long after we got there i sort of got hit with a nasty headache.  Master brought me a very yummy tenderloin and that helped a lot but i knew it wasn’t over. So we hung out for quite a while and still left a bit earlier than we normally would have.  When we got home just vegged out and watched TV until we fell asleep.

i don’t have a ton of photos right now but this is from New Years Eve.

NewyearseveIt’s not the best, but it’s one of my new Christmas dresses, i really love it!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Ordinary Days

Not too much out of the ordinary today and i’m loving this.  Master and i are going to head to work early today so we can attend a little get together tonight.  It’s sort of miserable having to go to work after a party. If we can get all our work finished before hand then we’re pretty much off the hook for the night and able to enjoy the night.

If the weatherman is right, there’s supposed to be some sort of ice event coming our way Sunday/Monday.  It sounds like it could be very nasty south of us and not all that great here either.  As long as we get through it with our power in tact, i will be very happy! We can survive without heat but without power, we have no water and that’s just no good!  Before we leave for the party tonight i think i’ll refresh some of my emergency 2liter bottles of water, just to be a little bit prepared!

i hope you all have a terrific Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure




Progress and Closure

Master and i are trying to concentrate our efforts on long overdue projects as well as a few that simply need doing, regardless of their age.  Today has been designated snack day as well as as working/project day.  That way it can be a fun day but a working day.

Later tonight i believe we’ll watch a movie but not until Master is satisfied with some progress with projects.  He worked until 1am last night but then He didn’t get going until after 8pm last night.  So putting it all into perspective it wasn’t all that long but He did make some good progress!

We just carried the gigantic bird cage upstairs and while it might not look all that big that sucker is heavy! It’s heavy for me at least.  It’s going in the garage until spring time, when i can give it a good going-over.  Then i we’ll sell it, to someone who can give it a good home.  It makes me sad to sell it because that means the end of my bird owning days. It’s good for me to work through all this at the same time, i am getting closure as they call it.  We picked up Bob and Doodie’s ashes yesterday.  i suppose you could say that physically, that chapter is now closed.  It will never be emotionally closed, but now the physical bit is behind us.

i still have cages from Zeeky and i just know with Pixie, there’s just no way we can be a bird family.  She has way too much hunter in her for me to have a bird. We got some wonderful years of use out of the cage and now it’s time for another family to put it to use! =)

Speaking of progress, i won’t be getting anything done by sitting here at the computer, will i?

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Time For Modeling

Master and i had a nice trip into the Quad Cities yesterday. We didn’t spend much time up there but we didn’t need a lot of time up there yesterday like we do most times.  We were really after one main thing and that’s lighting for the family room.  We were somewhat successful in finding what we were looking for and of course the best part was having dinner up there!  The choices in our small town get very tiresome so we always look forward to having something different.  Even if it’s not anything new at least it’s a change from the same old thing!

We still had to go to work once we were done up there so we headed back to town a little earlier than we normally would have.  i was very happily surprised when we were home before 1am!  That’s very good for us to have gone out of town, worked and to be home all before 1 in the morning!

When we finally settled in for the night there was even time for TV, after Master had a blow job!

Today we’re headed out to His sister’s house to play some games.  We’re going a little earlier today so we don’t end up staying until 3am this time! That would be very nice!

This is a quick glimpse of this year’s Christmas.  i am clearly dressed to open presents and i have a supervisor to help me model my new slave sandals.

newslaveshoesHopefully, this is the first of many Christmas photos to post on here!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



No Mo Drama

The best part about not really being able to think about something to write about is the fact that there’s been no real dramatic occasions in your life that require writing about.  i love that!  i hate drama and as of late, our lives have been too full of it, be it avoidable or not, our lives have been full of eventful, dramatic occasions and i am not at all that type of person, for any of you who have read me for any length of time, know. Typically, we lead a pretty even keel if not boring life.  i’ll take boring over drama-filled, any day!

i promised pictures of my Christmas presents and i still have every intention of posting some of those.  i understand i have a girdle coming from Somewhere, USA but it’s apparently on back order.  As usual i received just about every pair of stockings sold this side of the Mississippi, so there will be fun pics of those as well!

Master got me a couple fun leather toys as well so if we don’t either demo them, i’ll post pics! We have another engagement tomorrow but i’ll have time this coming week to post pics! i’m so looking forward to that whole “having time” thing! =)

Right now though, time is what i do not have! Master and i need to get going and run our errands!

Have a terrific Saturday everyone.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Projects and Video Games

Today was really nice.  i had a Skype session this afternoon while Master worked in the basement.  We’re working on winter projects and we’re determined now that the new year is here and winter and cold weather have thoroughly set in, we’re going to get some things completed.  He’s just about finished the basement ceiling and we’re talking about lighting.  Who knew there was so much to consider?? Geez!

We’re also working on setting up our dungeon!  We got the exam table cleaned up and reassembled in the basement now.  That was a bit of a project seeing that it must weigh several hundred pounds! We’re going to panel that room or at least part of it.

After my Skype session, Trinket came over to hang out for a while.  She’s so easy and fun to be around!  She helped set up the exam table and just helped fold clothes and basically just chatted and hung out for a while.  Then she and Master started talking about Skyrim and they did that for a while.  Master just started playing the video game so He did that and she sort of told Him a little about her character while i just watched.  It’s a very neat game and pretty all consuming, i think!

Master and i are going to watch a movie in a little while and that’s our day!  Tomorrow we’ve got errands to run and i think we’re going to the Quad Cities to do them!  Hopefully it will be a little warmer tomorrow.  It’s been horribly cold here and just no fun to be out and about in this weather.

i hope all of you are staying warm and healthy!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

All Good Things In 2017

Happy New Year everyone!! From our home to yours, we hope you all have a wonderful 2017!!  Last year was difficult for us and as i’ve mentioned before i’ve never been one to believe that a simple changing of the calendar would make any difference in the happenings in our life.  In this particular case, we’re looking forward and i’m chalking 2016 up to a learning experience and perhaps personal growth.  i have to have a take away from this last year and maybe i can’t see through the pain right now, but i know i’ve learned.  Maybe i just learned how to not be quite to selfish?  i don’t know.  Maybe i simply learned how to put someone’s needs completely before mine, i’m not sure because i didn’t even do that so well.

i came across a cute idea on Face Book a month or so ago that i am completely committed to following through with!  Master allowed me to use some of my own money to buy some fun bright paper to cut into pieces!  We’ll take a mason jar and i’ll decorate it for 2017! Every time something good happens, even the smallest things that make us happy, we’ll write it down and put it in the jar.  Next New Years Eve, we’ll go through the jar and have all our wonderful good experiences to relive and laugh about.  i believe it will bring us closer and even work toward having more good things happen to us, just so we have something to put in the jar!

All i know is that 2017 is going to be all about happiness and making good things happen.  If good things won’t come to us, we’ll bring the good things to us!!

Peace, joy and happiness to all of you and yours this new year!

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