Master’s Scenery

Master likes to snap photos of me whilst we’re on the road.  Some turn out better than others.  i mentioned in my last post that He made me ride all the way up to the piercing place with my dress pulled up to give the other drivers a show.  i suspect it was also to give Him some scenery as well.  =)

This was taken early in the day, on the way to the tattoo shop.

garterdrivingThe more i look at that photo it makes me think my stockings don’t match!! However, i know i know that’s not the case because i opened a brand new pair of Vasserette just for the trip!  They are far and away my favorite brand of stocking!! Wal Mart used to sell them right here in our hick little town, that’s what turned me on to them!  That and Master saying, here are some nice stockings…. haha!!!

i like this shot as well, it’s after we leave the piercing place and Master is allowing me to take a nap on our way to dinner with our friends.  It’s obvious it’s much later in the day from the lighting in the car.  Master gave me the Mindfold blindfold and it must have put me right to sleep!

When i woke up i had a second wind and was very thankful for that short nap!thrillgarter


Master and i were meeting some friends for dinner that night and when we walked into the restaurant they took us to a rather large table. No one was there yet so we had our choice of seating. Master took the seats facing the restaurant. i however, walked toward the other side of the table where we’d have our backs to the other patrons.  Master just looked at me and motioned to me to come to Him on His side of the table.  When we were seated He asked me why i wanted to face the windows and not inside the restaurant.  i just said briefly that i had hoped to face away from the other customers because my dress was so short.

Master was even more thrilled with His choice of seating once i had revealed reason! He told me that if i sat like a lady there would be nothing to worry about.  However, my dress was short and even though i was wearing a slip, i wasn’t wearing panties!! In no universe was this a comfortable situation!! i just made the best of it and kept my legs together and my dress pulled down as much as i possibly could.

i am finding more and more than i am just not an exhibitionist at least not in very many situations.  It’s not because i really care about people seeing me.  i worry that other people will be upset or i’ll get in trouble, more than anything i worry that a child might get caught in the mix.  i’ll just feel bad in that situation such as in a restaurant or in the car.  When you’re putting yourself out there, you can’t control who drives by or who walks into the restaurant.

Now, i could be in a nudist colony!! That would be totally different!  i think i could seriously do that, all kidding aside, i could do that. (sometimes)  The only trouble being i don’t like being nude all the time, so there is that little hiccup.  LOL

This is the last photo of that day right before Master told me to go get ready for bed.


So far i can’t say if the piercing is having any affects or not.  It’s healing so i would imagine it will take some time before i would feel anything while it’s healing.  Orrrr that might be totally wrong.  i guess the pressure point is still being pressed, so i don’t know.

i got a couple of good questions about the piercing in an email, i’ll tackle that in my next post!

Have a wonderful Sunday! Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Planning and Thrills

It’s stinking hot today so naturally Master and i are going to work in the garage.  We need a bit more inventory now that summer is in full swing and the 4th of July is rapidly approaching.  We did pretty well at our last show which is always great but that means getting out there and making more!

Once we’ve got them made today, i’m hoping Master will let me jump in the pool!  Almost without fail, we’re hot and sweaty and i wish we could go get in the pool and it’s dirty or rainy or something prevents us from getting in the pool!  i have high hopes today that won’t be the case!  <fingers crossed>

This is a photo of us on our way to the piercing!

going to get piercingMaster made me ride with my dress like this all the way to the piercing place.  He said i was giving the other drivers a thrill! =)

There were two purposes for going to Crows Nest the other day.  One of course was to get my Daith pierced the other was for Woodstock to have a look at my lady parts for Master’s planning purposes.  Master was disappointed in the outcome.  Woodstock said that i’m just not right for a hood piercing and he would only recommend one outer labia piercing per side.  The labia piercings would be sort of a little lower in and i think he said he can pierce them at 8g or 6g to start.  i’m not sure what Master would choose but i know the bigger the gauge the more they’d hurt for sure but probably only for a minute….lol.  =/

newly stuck


Master and i went to the mall after i got my ear done.  We did a tiny bit of window shopping and Master bought me a cookie for being good! =)

i hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Woodstock’s Gift

It’s very hot outside today and although we have many outdoor projects to work on, today was all about working inside.  Master spent the day at the computer and i did some work on getting some summer shows lined up as well as cleaning and laundry.

Master told me also told me He wants me to go outside and work on pulling some weeds in the garden so i’ll wait until it gets a little cooler to start that project.  i really need to make sure i know where everything is planted before i just go out there and start pulling weeds willy nilly!  i don’t want to start yanking up perfectly good veggies that are just starting to come up or accidentally kneel on a teeny tiny onion!! Just about everything is starting to come up with the exception of my carrots!  i say “my” carrots because i don’t think Master will have much to do with them, if they start to show their cute little leaves!  haha

Yesterday we went on an adventure and it had a truly amazing outcome.  You all know about my headaches.  i’ve had them for years and i’ve tried just about everything from here to the moon to relieve the pain.  Quite some time ago i read about daith piercings.  Like anything there is some controversy about them.  There’s even a Snopes article regarding the piercing.  It’s “unproven” says Snopes, i wasn’t aware there was even a Snopes article until Master told me about it late last night.  i had done my research about the piercing though and really the only thing i knew and still know is that there’s a chance it might give me some relief.

Master said if there was the slightest chance that this might give me some relief then there’s no reason not to do have it done.  There were some arrangements that needed to be made, of course.  Our piercer at Crows Nest Tattoo isn’t just around the corner, he’s a 2 full hours away! Secondly these piercings aren’t just free so we have to plan for them.

Woodstock (i don’t think that’s his real name) has done my last three piercings now and Master trusts him totally.  He did my ear, my tongue and now my daith.  Since we started going up there, Woodstock has purchased the place and is very happy with how well they’ve done!  When my piercing was complete he sat and chatted with us about the success they’ve had and how thrilled he is with the shop.  They’ve also done some awesome remodeling and they’re getting some new staff!  He’s just super busy and needs help!  He said he’s “putting down the needle!!” ACK!  He said that he’s going to do custom piercings and before i could ask he said he has every intention on continuing to pierce me! i admit that i asked him if he’d remember us! He looked at Master and said “how could i forget this guy?”… or something like that, it was pretty funny!!  So here’s the truly incredible thing about my piercing yesterday… Woodstock said that because he’s had such a good year, we’ve been so loyal and travel such a distance to see him, my piercing and the jewelry were FREE!! The whole thing! i cried and i know that Master had tears running down His face before we made it out of the shop!! i hugged Woodstock twice and told him that we were just speechless, truly.  As with the other two piercings, this one was perfect and nearly painless!

He’s seriously not just in it for the money.  He’s doing this awesome fundraiser for kids to raise money for books and backpacks!  Such a great guy!! =)

i’ll post a photo as soon as i get a good one to post!

That’s it for me today, i better get out there and get weeding before there’s no more sun left!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Happy Father’s Day

Today we’re going over to Master’s Dad’s house to work in his yard.  This has become a bit of a tradition sort of and while it’s certainly needed, this year it’s scalding hot outside and it’s going to make getting much of anything done, a challenge.  Master and His brother in law don’t mind the heat that much but His sister has been pretty concerned about the heat now for the last couple of days.  In the past i’ve always worked right along with Master in the blistering heat and as long as we have water, i’m usually fine too.  This year i haven’t been quite as durable as years past but i’m sure as long as i stay well hydrated i’ll be fine.

Just last year we put in a garden in July in the horrible heat and i was fine.  i suppose “fine” in a relative term also, it’s very taxing on the system but i made it through! =)  Either way, it will be alright and we’ll have a good day just getting out and getting some much needed projects finished up for His dad for Father’s Day.

i’m sure i say this every year but this has never been a big holiday for me growing up. i don’t really even remember getting together for Father’s Day after my Grandpa died.  There as no reason to, so until i came here i didn’t do anything for Father’s Dad from the time i was like 18.  Now i have Master, His Dad and Master’s brother in law who are all certainly father figures in their own right.  i’ve always had my brother too, that’s for sure but every time i try to reach him on Father’s Day they are camping so i never get the chance to wish him a happy Father’s Day.  i always try though.  =)

i am running behind today so i have to scoot and get ready for the day.  i have to shower so i can go outside immediately and get sweaty! LOL!  Happy Father’s Day!!

Especially Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Husband and Master who has always been terrific Father to His furry/feathered/fanged/finned family!! We all love you very much!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Master is watching the game and i thought i might try to get a late post in before we leave for work.  i’m not sure when i’ll have a chance to get to the computer tomorrow and i don’t want to miss my chance to write my blog post.  i know i shouldn’t wait to post my three posts for the week till the end of the week like i do, but it’s become a bad habit.

Master’s family was here the other night and i was walking around the house a bit with Master’s sister just chatting with her about the new kitty, we were in the back of the house and we were standing right outside our bedroom door.  For once, i had forgotten to pull the curtain that blocks all of Master’s toys that hang on the wall.  It just goes to show you how oblivious people are to things around them because she was literally looking right at that wall and she never glanced twice at that wall.  i’m not sure what she thought that stuff could have been or what she thought all the ropes or contraptions might have been hanging from our bed but she’s never asked and never even given them a second glance as far as i can tell, anyway. Her obliviousness was working in my favor for sure! One thing i’m glad she hasn’t seen is the butt plug that is still shrink wrapped to the bed post.  Maybe someday we’ll take that off! =)

i finally decided to read the 50 Shades series.  i’m only finished with the first book and the second book just arrived in the mail today!  Master ordered it for me and i was super excited to start reading it!! i’m surprised how much i’m enjoying them.  i can’t give a true review until i’m done with the entire series but so far i have to say they are excellent but very much a fictional take on the lifestyle and for the most part, a love story.  That’s coming from someone who has only read one of them though so it’s a very incomplete assessment.

i better get going and get ready to leave for work. i hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



You Name It

This has been a very busy week for us.  We have been trying to get a lot of outdoor projects finished, we had Master’s family over last night and we have to work for a wedding this weekend.  i cleaned Master’s Dad’s house Wednesday in preparation for Father’s Day when we all get together there.  Tomorrow morning i am going to go sit with Master’s brother in law’s mother (good luck following that one!! haha).  Anyway, she’s got some moderate dementia and they need a “sitter”, i think say sitter is sort of demeaning.  Anyway, i’m going to over there and hang out with her for a few hours, Master’s sister and brother in law are both busy so this gives them a chance to have someone they trust stay with her while they go out and not have to worry.

Being this busy is hard on me and i can’t really do anything about it.  i just don’t react well to being this tired or this busy.  i don’t know why but i feel very guilty about not feeling well or having to just call it quits and having to go lie down.  The other day knowing i had a ton of things i needed to get done, i had to pull the curtains and lie down.  Master said that everyone has these days and i know that’s true.  i just have to remind myself that i try very hard to keep going even though i have these headaches and sometimes, i just have to stop.  It’s not like i work hard like most people, i just do what i can.

i have plenty more to do today and i think i better get going! i hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!

i can’t think of a title, you name this one! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Shopping Pictures

Master and i had to run a few errands yesterday before we went to work.  We ended up at Menards buying a few plants, soil and mulch to try to complete a small fairy garden we’ve been planning for about a year.  i’m excited to see how it turns out and hoping we get a few butterflies and of course fairies!! =)

We did quite a bit of work in the yard before we left for our errands and i was tired before we even left.  i’m sure i wasn’t the only one that was pretty worn out as Master shoveled rock in that awful heat for at least an hour.  For some reason we don’t eat all day either!  Yesterday we didn’t eat because we just didn’t really have much in the house to just whip up so we didn’t bother.  That of course makes us feel horrible and have about zero energy!  We went to work at about 10:15pm when the last group of people left and by that time i was dragging! lol

It was nice to be able to just stroll through the stores though.  Lots of times we have Master’s Dad with us and while i’m sure i put this on myself, i don’t like the pressure of knowing he’s waiting in the car and i don’t feel like i can just spend an hour in the store while he’s just sitting there waiting especially on days when it’s 90 degrees.  Most especially then!  He always opens the door and we open all the windows and leave the keys for him and offer to leave the car on for the air and or heat depending on the season.  He just rarely chooses to have the car on, i wish he would though!

Anyway, last night we had all the time in the world and it was nice.  We didn’t do anything different really, i just knew i could take my time and i had one less thing to think about.  i did call him to check on his elbow however.  He went to the mirror to make sure it wasn’t bleeding, he said he couldn’t tell any other way.  i thought that was very cute! =)  He said it looked good and he felt good.  Thank goodness, his last fall we just weren’t so lucky.

Master also took His time with this short shopping trip and decided to snap a few quick photos!

Here we’re at our first stop, buying a couple pretty plants!

Fairyplantsi guess it’s sort of far away but it’s me, i swear.  i’ll prove it by posting me wearing the same outfit here in another photo. =)












i’m not sure what i’m doing here, i think i’m waiting for Master but i’m not even sure of that! =)

We went to work right after this and the rule is that i’m allowed to wear flats work in as long as i wear my normal shoes into the building and change my shoes before we leave.  Here is a photo of me changing my shoes to go home! Happy happy times!! Going home!! =)

changingshoesforhomei hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Hot, Hot, Hot

It’s very hot here today and for some reason Master and i are notorious for leaving the outside projects for the hottest days of the year!  We were lucky to get most of the garden planted before the terribly hot weather hit but we had to finish up yesterday with the last of it in the horrible heat.  Thankfully, we only had a little bit to finish and the bulk of the work was already done.

If everything comes in this year, we should have a nice garden as we doubled the size and Master put up some nice sprinklers.  That was an issue last year as our sprinkler was clogged with sand and it just wasn’t hitting the whole garden.  Being that we started the garden so late last year we weren’t completely anal about it as it was sort of a test run for future years.  We learned a lot last year and hopefully we’ll do much better this time around! =)

Now the pool needs to be cleaned and opened for the year and that’s always a huge relief to get that done!  i’m hoping to work on that Sunday if all goes well.  We have to work later today so we won’t be able to get it at all today.  We have way too much going on today to try to fit that in as well.  We also have to go check on Master’s Dad because when we had him out the other day shopping, he was walking out of the grocery store and instead of walking down the ramp that was literally 40 feet wide with bright yellow stripes, he chose to walk over to the curb that was 8 inches deep and fell off the curb.  The man just doesn’t think and refuses to pick up his feet when he walks.  Because of that he’s at risk for falling and he’s going to have to start using this nice wheeled walker he has at home, no matter how loud he protests, he’s going to have to use the stupid thing.  ugh.

i have about a million and one projects to finish but we’re ticking them off one by one and that’s a very good feeling!! =)

i better scoot off here to get a few things done today.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Nipple Ring Q and A

This question was in my Inbox today and the timing could not have been more appropriate, so i thought i would answer it here.

Q: I saw your picture with the large nipple rings. How long did it take to get them to that size? Mine are 10-12 gauge and feel huge at times. Are you ever allowed to take them out?

A: i have had these rings since the summer of 2002.  i was pierced at a 14g in Chicago and Master started going up at least one gauge at a time every Christmas, sometimes skipping a year here and there.  Right now i’m at a 4g, i believe.  We went slowly and because He took so much time doing so, the stretch was barely noticeable.  At first when i gauge up i might notice a bit of discomfort but i wouldn’t say there is actual pain.

The only time i ever take them out is when i’m having a medical procedure.  i take them out once a year for my Mammogram.  It’s a huge pain in the butt and it’s well worth the trouble, obviously.  i’ve also had a few surgical procedures over the years where they insisted i remove them.  Once i was able to put in plastic rings, all other times i had to completely remove them.

The only other times i remove them is when i’m having discomfort, like now.  The only reason they ever seem to cause me discomfort is when it feels as though there’s a bit of debris inside one of the holes. We’ve been planting our garden and as i’ve mentioned many times, we live in sand.  Just one or two grains of sand is enough to cause me enough discomfort to get up out of bed and hand Master the huge nipple plyers and ask Him to remove the ball so i can go through the whole cleaning process.  That’s exactly what i did last night! Even then, after the cleaning is done, the ring is immediately inserted again.  Thankfully, this happens rarely and i can honestly say that i enjoy having the rings so much that even as i sit here, still uncomfortable, i really do love them and i’m truly happy to have them!! =)

Every once in a while the weight of the rings get to me as they are getting bigger and bigger as the years go on.  That’s what they made bras for and while i’m going through something like this, i can wear a tight sport bra to keep everything in place.  That helps a lot! =)  Normally a nasty sport bra would be strictly prohibited but they are allowed just for this purpose and i’m happy for that!

Thank you for the perfectly timed question!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

New Pose!

Today was supposed to be planting the garden and basically catch up with as many projects as possible.  Unfortunately we weren’t as lucky this year buying vegetables for the garden as we were last year.  Just about everywhere we went were sold out of the vegetables we were after! Big bummer!

By the time we got home we had time to get two plants in the ground before Master’s Dad got here for supper. i can’t complain though, we got something purchased and we are getting a few projects knocked off the list, one at a time.  Slow but sure wins the race, i think that’s how the saying goes!

One of the biggest things that Master wanted to do was cut weeds that were growing up through the deck.  i crawled underneath the deck with these huge lopper thingys and cut these weeds that looked more like trees.  They grow super fast and they can damage the deck in no time so it’s really important to get them cut as quickly as possible.  There was one that i cut off that literally was more like a tree so once i cut it off i asked Master if it might not be a good idea to dig up the root.  i tried to dig it up but i was getting dive bombed by something and they were all in my hair.  i thought they were wasps because we have been having some issues with them the last two years.  i felt them like IN my hair and i hollered and crawled out! i had that thing almost dug out so i crawled back in cause Master was totally getting mad at me but they were right back at me!  i grabbed my tools and high tailed it outta there!  He was none too pleased with me when He had to crawl in there Himself and finish the job.  i’m not even sure when i was watching Him that i would have been able to pull that thing out of there.

These are the times when it’s easy to feel like a failure.  i knew i tried really hard, just not hard enough because He was very mad that He had to go in there Himself, yet i thought i had pushed myself hard.  i let my fear of the wasps overcome me.

i’m not sure if i can come up with a good photo for you tonight.  i do have this selfie i took last week.  i’m trying out the new room to see if i can get some positions for better selfies!  See what you think!

renfairIt’s sort of bright with the window behind me, i know.  This is about all i have to share though!!

i hope you all had a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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