It’s rather ironic that the whole winter was abnormally warm and now the spring seems to be taking almost forever to settle in and stay.  The other night it was in the 30’s and today it’s 40 something, the same as yesterday.  Today it’s raining as well, to add to the misery so that’s a bonus.  Wednesday Master, His Dad and i had to take a trip to the Quad Cities to sign some papers on our Mortgage.  When we got there, we found out that we needed our drivers licenses and i had left mine at hom.  Wow….  All we had to do was sign one paper and walk out the door.  The gal who needed said i had to have my license just need to look at my license, she didn’t even need a copy!  i just never thought about it until we pulled up in the parking lot and i had a fleeting thought that i should grab my wallet in case we needed them.  When i went out to the car to get mine i immediately got a pit in my stomach when i realized that my license was in my little bag i take into the casinos.  It’s been sitting in the same place for weeks.  i don’t remember the last time i’ve remember to even grab it to take it even when we have stopped by the casino to listen to the bands.  Anyway, i didn’t have it and she needed to see it to notarize that one piece of paper saying i was who i was.

Master and i had to go back up the next day, me license in hand to sign that paper!!! She was super nice and of course not at all her fault.  We also had to wait at least an hour while they rounded up some person to tell us why the paper wasn’t ready.  i had been speaking with the same person for over a week and had every confidence that we would be good to go when we got there!  It all worked out in the end, it just took much, much longer than expected.  i felt horrible about forgetting my ID but Master took it very well.  He thought we might need to go back up there to get some paneling that we weren’t able to get here in our crappy town and this was the perfect opportunity.  Even though it was a pretty good foul up, it didn’t turn out to be that big a deal.

Master and i are going to have a movie night tonight.  It’s a good night to stay in and hibernate. i hope you all have a warm, dry Friday evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Master and i are going to work outside today, i swear it!  It’s pretty outside today and i am bound and determined not to hurt today like i did yesterday!  It’s a perfect day to get a good start on a our spring yard sale.  Master’s brother in law dropped off a futon earlier this winter at His Dad’s house and we thought it might work well for a bed for the dungeon.  It needs a lot of cleaning but if we got it cleaned up it would be amazing it just needs work.  We have the exam table but the futon would be perfect to tie off to so we’ll see.

We haven’t taken too many pictures lately.  Master took a few for Easter but i think several of them have other people in them.  This is an older one but i love the dress.  It’s a very pretty colorful one that i wore to the zoo last year.  i can’t wait to get outside, i have a bit of spring fever this year.  A bit worse than normal, i think.

springfeveri had a good talk with my sister today too.  i haven’t actually spoken with her for quite a while.  She’s been busy and i haven’t had a chance to speak with her very much.  She had a Botox treatment last week and had a pretty difficult time.  i worry about her, she’s going through a very difficult time right now and i wish i could be there for her.  Master believes i spend way too much effort on her and i’m sure i do but i can’t apologize for how i feel about her.  It’s just always been this way with her.

i hope you all have a wonderful day and have some terrific family time.  i am missing my family and wish so much i was able to spend time with them.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Plans Change

i had bigger plans for today.  i was planning on getting lots of stuff done around the house but i took a nap and when i woke up i have had a horrible headache.  Nothing seems to be kicking it either so i can’t do all the stuff i wanted.  One of the worst things is light sensitivity and it’s something i’ve never understood.

It’s a beautiful day outside, i think i might go outside and get a little fresh air and see if that knocks a little dust out of my noggin.  i can only hope, right??

i hope that you’re all having a wonderful Saturday and enjoying some terrific family time.  This looks like a perfect evening to spend with family!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

A Smashing Saga

This blog has been severely neglected in the last couple of weeks.  i must admit i have been distracted, trying to get some work done around the house.  This being the beginning of our busy season, Master and i are looking forward to finishing up our winter projects inside the house so we can go hog wild outside when it warms up enough.  Today however, Master said we were going to go to His Dad’s house and finally finish the nasty task of loading up some rock that’s been sitting in his driveway for months.  It wasn’t a ton and it most certainly was not in anyone’s way but it was still something that we said we’d finish loading up and get out of the way.  Today was the day!

The other day Master and i took His Dad grocery shopping and normally he just sits in the car and we run into the store with a list.  This time he said he wanted to go in with us and get a motor scooter.  We’ve done this plenty of times and it always ends up in mayhem.  He’s a reckless driver, doesn’t communicate, but it’s fine, it’s also pretty hilarious.  The very first thing he does when we get into the store is go right to the baked goods and gets this HUGE peach cobbler.  Of course, it’s not on the list, but who cares, the man can buy whatever he wants, he’s got plenty of money and he’s not on any dietary restrictions, with the exception of looking out for his salt. So we go about his shopping and i put the cobbler in our cart so it doesn’t get smashed, his buggy got full pretty quickly and we weren’t there to shop for us, i mainly get a cart for my purse! =)

The entire time we were shopping, Master’s Dad continued to warn Master, “don’t smash my pie”.  Each time one or the other of us would add something new to either cart, “don’t smash my pie”…. Master said in a joking way, “If you tell me not to smash your pie one more time, I’m going to take it out and throw it in the street”… So this continued the entire time we were shopping… “don’t smash my pie”.

The plan was to go out to eat but we had too many perishables to go eat, so we stopped by Master’s Dad’s house and Master and i put away all his groceries.  Master’s Dad stayed in the car while we carried everything in and put it all away.  He whispered to me, “should I tell Him not to smash my pie?”. Master hollers to me and asks me what His dad said so of course i had to stir the pot!  i said “He told You not to smash his pie!”.  HAHAHA!  Finally everything was put away and off we went for dinner!

It was sort of an early night because we got started earlier than normal.  We got Master’s Dad dropped off at his house early and got him settled in and got home.  Master was bringing in the the few things that we bought from the store and i was standing in the kitchen just getting things settled.  All of a sudden He bounds in the door and yells, guess what’s still in the van?  Me….. no idea of course.  MY DAD’s PIE!!!! hahahaha……

Master called His Dad and tried to tell him we still had his pie, once he finally understood what Master was trying to tell him (he’s deaf as a post), all he said was “don’t smash my pie”.  LOL

The next morning, Master was running back into town to take His Dad to get a hair cut.  i was busy when He left but i said earlier, don’t forget Your Dad’s peach cobbler….. After i was finished with my Skype session i walked out into the kitchen…. Right there on the stove; you guessed it.  That freaken peach cobbler.  Now Master would never do it on purpose, He’s been very distracted so it was most certainly not all His fault.

Today, we delivered the peach cobbler unharmed and i hope that’s the best darn peach cobbler that man has ever had!

That’s the saga of the cobbler.

Peach to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

i hope you’re all having a terrific Easter Sunday!!

Apparently, we have to leave in 20 minutes and i am no where near ready.  That sucks.  =/

i was hoping to post a photo of me in my Easter dress! i have been messing up on a regular basis lately so this should come as no surprise to me that this is also a bit of a mess up.

i’ll still try to get that photo posted! In the meantime, have a wonderful day!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Not quite the photo i wanted i wanted to share but evidence that i haven’t quite been at my best lately!




Family Time

Master and i have been invited out to His buddies house for a steak dinner.  We’re finished with work and just got home to get ready to leave for the evening.  i love the idea of having a grilled steak with friends.  i love his wife, she’s a wonderful friend and any time i get to spend time with her is an evening well spent.  i’m only a little frustrated that it’s the night before Easter Sunday when i’ll have to get up a little early to get cooking to be at Master’s sister’s house on time.

That’s an interesting point as well.  i actually don’e even know when that’s supposed to be yet seeing that she’d never even gotten back to me to confirm a time.  i’m home i can vie for a later time than noon.  Who wants to eat a huge meal at noon? Ugh.  i’m hoping to at least stall her until 2, that would be the latest i think i can get away with, anything is better than having to be there at noon.

i love Easter Sunday but i’ve always loved it with my family.  We never had a lot of traditions but for Easter we did.  We did an egg cracking contest and i’m sure i’ve told this story many times but it’s something i truly love.  my Grandma would of course color all the eggs and after we were all properly stuffed we’d all choose an egg.  That would be our egg for the contest.  It was very simple, choose a random partner and face off one by one. Hold your eggs end to end, count, 1, 2, 3 and poke at the other person’s egg! my Grandma was sort of a cheater, we’d get to 1, 2…and she’d poke at your egg so she’d almost always have the jump on you! Well, who is going to challenge an old lady?? LOL Whoever lasts the longest, is the champion!  She didn’t always do it but when she did she’d laugh and usually gracefully bow out… usually! =)  It was just a wonderful time and it’s something i truly miss.

i hope you’re all having some terrific family time this weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Master and i just puttered around the house most of the day. Master replaced a bunch of the cabinet knobs that we’ve had for a while and they look super cool.  i was just there to lend support lol.

In the last week Master has gotten quite a bit done this week in the house, i’ve been spending most of my time just trying to finish up some overdue projects.

i don’t have much tonight and it’s almost supper time.

Hope you’re all having a nice Friday night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Warm and Sunny

It’s beautiful here today,  it’s warm and sunny.  It’s a little breezy but it’s always breezy here.  i opened the house up a bit and it’s so amazing to have it all opened up!

Master’s watching a baseball game and it feels like spring all around. That’s an amazing feeling after being cooped up all winter.  The kitty sure is enjoying the open windows too!

Master and i are going to the park this afternoon with my friend trinket just to get out and stretch our wintery legs! That’s one thing i can say about that show yesterday, it felt good to get out and get moving.  The set up for a show takes about an hour depending, but it’s still a bit of a work out because our crafts our cement!  Being the first show of the year i think it felt good to do some walking but whoooo did i feel it at the end of the day!  i’m embarrassed to say how out of shape i’m in but i know with summer coming up and tennis season just around the corner, i’ll feel better in no time!

i have just a few short minutes before i need to be ready and i know i’m running quite late.  i hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Beautiful Spring Day!

This could have been a nice show today.  It could have been, but it wasn’t.  For some reason there were twenty vendors compared to the seventy five vendors that were there the last time we did this event.  i have no idea what happened, maybe they didn’t advertise, i don’t know.  What sucks is that the people who do come out and drag all their crap out spend the money on the booth rental and sit there all day to make pennies.

i am always glad to get out and get our name out it’s just a waste of time to sit there and feel like we’ve done all that work for no reason at all.  We didn’t do as poorly as some people today, we were lucky.

Normally after shows i’m too beat to do anything but we went to work right afterward and got that over with so we didn’t have to go back in town.  i am so super glad to be all in and finished for the night!  Master sort of had a bit of a cold and He sort of gave it to me.  Thankfully neither one of us has had it full blown we’re both just fighting it off so i’m really glad just to be able to fall into bed and be done!

That having been said, i am going to sign off here and melt into bed.

i hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

It’s That Time Again! =)

It’s about that time again, Master and i have our first show of the season tomorrow.  It’s actually pretty early for us to get started but i’m happy to get started a little early.  We have quite a few made up from last year and it will be nice to move out some older inventory and make fresh for the new season.  This should be a nice event and even better, it’s inside.  Indoor events are the absolute best!  Our next “event” isn’t even an event, it’s our spring yard sale and while it was our first real break out with our product, it was a beautiful day.  Since then the spring yard sale has been either super cold or rainy or a gale force wind.

It would be wonderful to have another beautiful day this year and really get rid of some of our older stuff! Anyway, today is all about getting reorganized and looking through everything to re-familiarize ourselves with things.  For me, it does take a minute or two to remember what goes where.  i have learned over the years that our products sells themselves.  If people are going to buy, they know it within a minute and i rarely need to work to make that happen.  Once in a great while, i’m able to make the sale, otherwise, i’m just there as a guide and it works in our favor to just shut up and be a friendly face, people just want to look and they don’t need my help to shop. =)

Master and i have been talking about Him getting a tattoo. It’s been His turn for a very long time.  He’s been trying to decide and finally came up with the idea of Captain Caveman.  Master has always been a big Cavey fan and i had the idea of instead of him holding his big club, he could hold a corn dog instead.  Master loves corn dogs, they’ve always been a really fun food for Him and i thought it would be a wonderful idea.  We finally had a chance to stop at the tattoo shop and talk to the the same guy who did mine.  He came up with the perfect drawing and they made an appointment for June 20th.  He schedules way out because he’s super popular.  i happened to mention that we’d like to be on a call list for when people cancel.  We went about our day and a few hours later they called and said they had an opening for the NEXT day! lol!! i wouldn’t able to go with Him though and that was a concern.  i wouldn’t be able to take pictures or video and of course i just wouldn’t be able to be there.  The opportunity was just too awesome to pass up so He took the appointment!

He got home only a few hours later and now He has this awesome tattoo!! It fits perfectly with His personality and looks amazing, even not even healed it looks terrific! =)

MtattooOf course it still needs to heal but it’s amazing as is!

i hope you all have a wonderful Friday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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