Wishful Thinking

One thing i can say about staying out here is that it’s unbelievably quiet.  i love the peace and quiet and that’s a good thing because someone who needs hussle and bussle would go out of their mind living out here.  i can see why my sister in law always has so many inside animals. Otherwise she would be bored stiff.  Especially because her husband is never home with her even since he retired.

It’s very beautiful out here and i am truly enjoying that.  The weather today has been beautiful and i’ve loved just walking around outside watching the huge horses mill about. i miss Master already and that’s a bad thing.  We’re going to go to work this afternoon early and i’m taking my “little care package” along with me.  She’ll be going with me as much as possible the next week or so, wherever i am going.  There’s no reason not to take her out, she likes to go for a drive and we can take her to work with us.  She can sit and look at her books and i’ll just give her a soda.  As long as she’s somewhat occupied, she’s fine.  After work Master and i are going to bring a pizza back out here and watch the baseball game.  That way we can still be together, even if we’re not at home we can still be together! =)

Maybe i can even see if He’ll play a game with me or something! =)  That’s probably wishful thinking! i don’t really care what we do as long as we can hang out together.  i already miss my doggie and kitties too! One really nice thing is that no matter where i go in this house, i’m covered in kitties. i’ll never complain about that!deek

i hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

In The Sticks

Master dropped me off at His sister’s work last night around 5:30.  We were a few minutes late and we were a little concerned about not being on time.  This always turns out to be a joke and i don’t know why we ever worry about being late.  The deal was that Master’s sister and her husband would be leaving shortly after she got home from work, so around 7pm.  i knew that there would be lots of things to go over with me before they could leave so they wouldn’t be jumping in their car just about the minute we pulled in the driveway like His sister hoped they would.

Now anyone who has ever met her husband or even known people who know him, know about his inability to be on time.  This man has a complete inability to prepare or plan ahead, even if it’s something that is of the utmost importance. He had a very comprehensive “to do” list given to him from Master’s sister yesterday.  Things that absolutely must be done before they could leave their farm.  By the way, Master hates it when people call their property a farm.  There is nothing else to call it because they do in fact, have a farm.  i’m not sure what else to call a place that has, sheep, cows, horses and a goat.  It’s not a huge farm, they only have 15 or 20 cows and about 40 sheep and 6 horses but it’s still gotta be called a farm, i think??   Pressing on; they just can’t leave these animals on a whim so there’s a lot of work that must be done to prepare for someone to care for the animals.  i don’t know what that work might be, i just know there was a lot of tractor driving and fussing about with hay and the like until 11:30pm. That’s when her husband finally came onto the back porch and decided it was time to fix a light that had a short.  i was already told to not use the light and instructed to use a lamp instead.  Copy that, no light switch.  Nope, he’s GOT to fix the light.  This is so typical of him.  This is the same guy who kept the entire family waiting 8 hours in the dead of winter. They were supposed to leave for Florida at 8am but he had to install a weather vein he got for Christmas on the top of his barn.  This HAD to be done before he could leave on his trip.  Consequently, the entire family sits and waits and stews in their own anger.  i was not around at this time but i’m not sure my presence would have made a darn bit of difference. He’s just that inconsiderate.

There i sat last night, waiting for them to leave, wondering if i was going to get paid for my time last night.  i could have been home with my Owner in the comfort of our home.  It was clear that there’s no way they would have left last night had i not already been here.  As it was, they finally did leave and i believe it was about 1:30am.

my job here won’t be difficult but i do have several different duties.  First and foremost i have to take care of his mother who has mid to moderate stages of dementia.  She is easily confused and her short term memory is just non exhistant.  i also have to take care of 5 cats, 2 dogs and let a couple of horses out of their stalls twice a day.  i am a bit concerned at this point because we didn’t discuss terms so i have no idea what he’s going to be paying me. He gave me spending money to take his mom out to eat and for incidental.  my first night went well and so far today has gone alright. i’m just taking it one day at a time!  =)

Now, if i can just figure out how to get internet access, i’ll be in business!

Peace to you and yours,
MD’s treasure

Hope It Goes Quickly!

Most of this week has been spent preparing for me to be gone for the next few days.  i (we) was under the impression that Master’s sister and brother in law were going to be gone for about a week or so.  When i spoke with her a couple of days ago she informed me that they’d be back in about ten days.  When we hung up the phone i broke down in tears because i know this is going to be hard enough on Master and i just being a few days, let alone ten days.  The amount of days of course is a huge deal, even more so it’s the fact that i feel as though they weren’t upfront with me at all about their plans.

They are planning on paying me for staying out there, taking care of his mother and the animals.  None of those things in their own right should be a big deal.  Putting them all together is a fair amount of responsibility.  i have been mentally preparing myself for this “job” if you will, since they asked me to do it and i have every faith that i’ll be just fine.  If there are farm issues however, i will not be running around in the middle of a cow pasture at 3am trying to locate a cow or sheep or whatever else farmers do.  While i have great respect for farming and even more respect for the animals, i won’t put the lady im caring for or myself  jeopardy, she’s my #1 responsibility while they’re gone.  However, Cart <— —> Horse.

In other news our cat isn’t really eating all that much even though her tooth was pulled on Tuesday morning.  You name it, we’ve tried to feed it to her.  All homemade stuff, chicken, rice, gravy, tuna, milk, her food ground up with gravy on top, treats, soft and hard.  If anyone has any ideas please throw them into the ring!  We’ll try it all!  We’ve also tried pumpkin.  The stupid thing is, she seems to love her treats that are crunchy! She’s still drinking and is certainly perky.  Both very good things but at this point i’m out of ideas and getting scared.

i will have very limited internet access while i’m out at Master’s sister’s house.  i’m hoping to be back home several times, however.  You’ll be hearing from me plenty!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Celebrate Everything

The redneck wedding was very redneck-ish.  The groomsmen of course wore jeans but they wear tux shirts and ties.  The bridesmaids dresses were so short you could nearly see their hoohas if they bent over just right.  The bride looked lovely.  They spent more time taking pictures than any bridal party i have ever known.  i think Master and i took about 24 shots and we were finished.  They took hours of different shots.  i realize it’s different now when you’re using digital photos, it’s basically free!

Once the wedding was over the drunkeness ensued! Master and i both drank more than we ever drank but we were still some of the most sober people there.  Master stopped drinking many hours before we left because He obviously had to drive.  i had 3 or four of those Smirnoff coolers but one of them was a Mike’s Hard whatever and once i had that i was done. It didn’t make me drunk, it gave me a horrible headache, which was really too bad, i was having a good time!  i tried really really hard not to let it affect the rest of the night but of course it did put a bit of a damper on things.  We were able to stay until the end of the night so i was glad i didn’t have to go to the car to lie down.

i don’t have any pictures yet of last night’s festivities so i’ll have to post some from a couple weeks ago.  We try to document just about everything and that even means when we get a new potato box!  Here’s me using my new potato box that we got at a flea market for $2.00

celebrateeverythingHere is another one of me celebrating more than a silly old potato box.  You could say i’m celebrating a day of hard work, well done.  i certainly remember being very happy this day was over and happy to get cleaned up for the night!  However the work has only just begun!  Now that we have the lumber, we have to build the fence!









Master and i just got home and i’m looking forward to the end of a quiet evening!

i hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Redneck Wedding!

This past few weeks i’ve been pretty focused on the older cat, Doodie. (Master would call it obsessed) She was going to have her tooth pulled next Thursday but her eating had really decreased and when i weighed her the other day it looked like she had lost another pound.  Obviously, that’s way too much weight to lose in a short time.  i called the vet and he said that he would like to schedule her earlier and that was fine with me.  i was just concerned that he wouldn’t have the help he would need, that was a major concern he had expressed and when we were going to have to wait until the 20th.  Well he’s going to work it out so we can have her blood work and tooth pulled today.

There of course are concerns as to why she’s not eating.  Now that he’s heard she’s not eating and lost weight, he’s mentioned kidney issues.  i am trying as hard as i can not to put the cart before the horse here but i am having a hard time.

As it turned out the news wasn’t too bad.  Her kidney enzymes were a little elevated so he wants to wait to pull her teeth until she’s on this kidney diet for a little while.  In the meantime it’s still an open ended situation and that’s just what i was looking forward to taking care of for her today.  i wanted to get her out of this pain.  Now there’s more worrying as well.

Tomorrow Master’s buddy is getting married and they’re getting married outside.  i’m a bit torn as to what i’ll wear.  It’s at a place where everyone will be dressed in jeans or sweats and that’s not the part that bothers me.  i don’t want to get a nicer dress ruined around tons of drunks.  Yes, that’s sort of the type of wedding this is going to be… bleh.  Even still i’m looking forward to it, how often in one’s life do you get to attend a true redneck wedding?

i’m sure i should have some good stories to follow!

Have a great night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Hiding In Plain Sight

i am going to try to turn over a new leaf.  i always loved that saying!  As you’re all very well aware, i wait until the last minute to get my posts in for the week by waiting until Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  There’s really no reason for it so i’m going to try to get my posts in early so i’m not scrambling at the last minute on Sunday afternoon to get my last post finished and toss a picture on line.  By doing that, i also miss opportunities to write down things that happen throughout the week.  i just don’t take the time to stop, drop and write!

Just a little while ago i was on the phone with my sister and we were talking about a recent photo of me that was uploaded online.  Photos of me on vanilla sites are very rare, i mean like once a year, rare.  i don’t really participate on vanilla sites because i believe that vanilla people are judgemental and it’s difficult for me to post or just put myself out there.  That having been said, this picture wasn’t uploaded by me, it was taken when we out for dinner with Master’s friend.  As usual, i was wearing Master’s collar.  my sister just told me about a text she just got from her step daughter.  Her step daughter sent my sister a text of my photo, zoomed in on the collar and simply said “this really upsets me”, my sister replied “me too”.  i just said to my sister, all you need to say and all you need to know is, it’s my choice.  Just like ANY other alternative lifestyle choice.  That was that, we didn’t talk about it any more than that because there was nothing more to be said.  i’m sorry she doesn’t like it but from this point on, this is her problem to overcome, not mine.  Our conversation continued and we had a very nice chat.

i have been very hesitant all this time to be at all honest about our relationship with her.  She found out through my nephew quite a while ago and each time the subject comes up there is less and less tension. There’s no doubt in my mind that 50 Shades of Grey gave the general public a small glimpse into BDSM and now it’s grown into today’s pop culture.  In the mean time, those of us who were hiding in plain sight are no longer as invisible as we were.  If one truly wants to remain anonymous then put your rings, cuffs, bracelets and for heaven sake, your collars on the dresser when you go out! lol  For Master, i don’t imagine there will be any such changing. =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Sunday Drive

Last Saturday night Master and i had some friends over for dinner.  We had a great time!  We had wonderful conversation and an awesome meal where Master prepared ribs on the grill.  They were some of the best He’s ever made and that’s really saying something because He makes some amazing ribs!

After our guests were gone Master took a few pictures of me cleaning up the house.

afterguestsThe light beside me makes it pretty bright but otherwise it’s not too bad.

This evening is football and i’m trying to learn a bit about football.  i’m afraid i’m not doing very well but at least i’m asking some questions and i’ve never done that before.

We got our exam table home safe and sound this afternoon! We had what i thought was a lovely Sunday drive to get the table. It’s a beautiful day and a perfect day to take a little drive to get a new pervertable.  i’ll post some pictures of it soon!  i think we’ll get some good use out of it! =)

i am hope you’re all have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Bits n Bobs

Last night Master and i went over to His sister’s house for game night and to celebrate Master’s birthday as well as His sister’s birthday.  We had a fun time and were there way too late as always.  We even stopped a game a little early, they always want to play ‘one more game’ but i’m willing to call it quits much earlier, just so we don’t wear out our welcome!  It’s always fun though and we do have a hard time stopping when we get going sometimes.

Earlier this week Master and i met one of His oldest friends at Red Lobster for endless shrinf!  We’ve already had endless shrinf but they called and asked and it’s hard for Master to say no!  His friend also has a birthday the same time as Master!  i guess 9 months from the beginning of October was good for sexy time!! Anywho, Master was a little concerned because Red Lobster is a little pricey for us. We reserve Red Lobster for very special occasions and only when we have a gift card.  We had just used our gift card so this would be all on us!! A little birdie told me that Master would be getting another gift card in the mail for His birthday and it would be arriving right before our night out! =) Master got the mail and there it was, a birthday card from my sister! She’s a pain in the behind but she does some very nice stuff.

We had a good time with His friend and His fiance’ and another couple that we’ve come to know over the years.  Master allowed me to have 2 glasses of beer and that was a bit more than i should have had haha!! i was fine in a little while but it was fun while it lasted. i can’t remember the last time i was tipsy.  When i used to drink it was all or nothing and that’s why i don’t drink anymore.  Now i can have one or two drinks and don’t want anything else.  That’s just not the way it was before but i’m so happy i got a handle on it before it got out of control.  i didn’t go through any program or anything, i just stopped.  i just hated the hangovers and hated how i acted when i drank too much, so enough was enough! There was a voice in my head telling me that i was going to end up just like my Mom, a stumbling alcoholic who messed up other peoples lives.  It’s harsh but that’s the way it was, she made amends but there’s no denying that’s who she became just because of alcohol.

Back on topic, we had a great time with Master’s friend and his fiance’.  She even asked me to go get a mani-pedi with her this coming week, right before her wedding.  She’s even paying for the whole thing!! Well, Master’s friend is paying for the whole thing! =)  i’m not sure if i see this relationship panning out.  She is very bi and i truly believe she’s way more prone to girls than men.  She seems like she likes me a lot and isn’t shy about saying that she likes so.  i am not sure what to say when she says things but so far she’s not making me uncomfortable, she’s very nice and i’m happy to have a friend.

Master and i missed their bachelor/bachelorette party so we’re going down there tonight and they are having another small one just for us!!!  It should be fun except Master and i have to go to work somewhere in there.  i’m not sure if we’ll go to work first and just go down there late or just go to work very late.

When our friends were here last Saturday they offered us a doctors exam table.  Like a real exam table. Awesome of them huh?  The only hitch is we have to go pick it up and it’s heavy!! haha!  This could be super amazing to have in Master’s dungeon that He’s been working on for such a long time.  We just have to work out how we’re going to get it and…. we are supposed to go get it tomorrow morning, early.  Yikes! hahaha. Can’t pass up this opportunity, right?? This is very generous of them and they need it moved.  We’ll get it worked out.

i better get moving.  i hope you’re all having a wonderful evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

A Furry Love Story

It’s no secret how i feel about our animals.  We have one cat that i’ve had since she was a kitten.  She was about 8 or 10 weeks old when i adopted her from the shelter and she’d been in a fire.  Her whiskers were singed off and she had a terrible upper respiratory infection.  i wasn’t positive that she would make it through the first few nights but we worked hard and i babied her then just like i baby her now.  i named her Tara but she’s had many named adaptations since then.  Now we call her Doodie.

She’s been with me since my break up with my ex, she moved here with me to be with Master and she is always there for me when my head hurts.  Within just a few moments of a bad headache, she’s laying on my chest purring for me.  She knows and she’s always known when i need her.  If i’m in a bad way, if i’m very sad and just need to hold her, she’s right there.  When things have calmed down or when i’ve fallen asleep, she’ll leave or get off me and sleep next to me.  She’ll come right back though if things start to go down hill again.  i don’t care how she knows, she just does.

This is the one who started peeing on the bed.  Maybe some people might not have put up with her shenanigans maybe some people would have just said enough is enough.  i will never to that to her.  She’s a part of me and we’re together until …. we’re not.

She’s 16 years old and i had noticed she was losing weight and looking a little haggered.  She’s got the most beautiful black fur normally so something was up.  She was having a hard time eating and i watch her like a hawk just making sure she’s always OK.  i was terrified.  Absolutely terrified that she had cancer.  i pretty much had a complete break down before we got her to the vet.  i tried to talk myself into her maybe having a bad tooth or something but that horrible word just kept echoing in the back of my mind.  The vet looked at her and tried to take a good look in her mouth.  Not easy with a cat of course.  Drum roll….. It’s a BAD TOOTH!!!! i’ve never been so happy to spend $300 to get a tooth taken out!!

He gave her some antibiotics and a 3 day pain killer that i specifically asked for just to get her to start eating again.  It’s working, she’s eating a bit more and the abscess must be getting better.  She’s drinking, she’s eating more and i couldn’t be happier.  i love super love our new kitty and i love love love our doggie, don’t get me wrong.  She was my first kitty and there’s no denying that our connection is special.  i know she’s no spring chicken but for now, she’s going to be alright.

That’s a love story about a slave and her kitty.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Happy Birthday Master!

One thing that Master wanted more than anything this week was to pick up all the wood for the fence.  It was going to take a while and it wasn’t going to be a terrible fun project.  Still, it needed to be done before it got too cold to build fence.

i always help Him pick out lumber because He’s taught me how to recognize what’s usable lumber and what’s terrible.  This is what we did Thursday.  i think just getting this one project done and just having the lumber is a load off His mind.  Like i said though, it’s no small feat and we were both pretty tired once we were done.

Seeing that today is Master’s birthday i don’t want to spend much time on line so i’m cheating and just tossing up a few photos!

This first picture we’re just getting started! Longgg way to go!! =)














Many many hours later…. in the second picture, i am just thrilled to be done hauling lumber for the day!

It’s way past time for Master and i to have started our movie night! Happy Birthday Master!!! i love You!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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