No Pressure

Master wasn’t feeling very well at all yesterday.  Just a bit off, He had a low grade fever and the chills on and off.  We had yard work to do but ended up putting that off for today so now He’s got a huge list of things He wants to get done AND have movie night.  That means i have about 2.4 seconds to get my post written and get outside before He’s back in here wondering what i’m doing or what’s taking me so long! But… no pressure or anything. heh.

We went to work last night about 11pm because He was sleeping and i wanted Him to sleep, there was no need to wake Him while He was getting the rest He needed and as long as the place is clean for Sunday morning.  We didn’t end up getting home until really late but that’s OK at least He felt a bit better after we got there and got going and His fever was down.

i’ve typically been posting pictures on Sunday and today i chose one that Master really likes.  He loves pictures that show the difference in the masculine and feminine shoe and foot size.  He’s taken a few like that and this one is a neat one. biglittlefeet

This photo doesn’t just show the size of the feet it shows so much more than that.  That’s what is so awesome about this photo.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday, i better hurry and get outside before Master comes looking for me with a switch! LOL

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

New Roof!

Yesterday Master and i went to town to look at different colored shingles for our new roof. With any luck they’ll start on it in the next couple weeks.  Master had to get up on the roof next week and fix a leak!  We had a torrential downpour and all of a sudden there was a leak in the basement and even some water on the ceiling in the bathroom upstairs. There was more rain predicted the following week and Master said He was going to have to get up on the roof and put a temporary fix on it until they came to put on the new roof.  i was terrified but we have this gigantic ladder and He got up there and mended it enough that we haven’t had any leaks since!  We’ve had some pretty nasty rain since then too so i’m sure it will hold until they decide to show up and do our roof.

Master and i had a few errands to run while we were in town yesterday.  We didn’t get a great start as usual but we had enough time to go each place we needed to go.  It seems like every time we go up there we have lots of things we have to because this town has so few stores we need for specialty items and we’re always looking for specialty items.

my nephew was in town yesterday for his work so while Master and i were in town we stopped by to see him. He was here for part of an event so we had to enter the event just to go see him so it was sort of expensive just to visit with him. It was very nice to see him because i just don’t get to see him that often.  The last time we saw him was at his wedding last October.  He and Master don’t have that much in common or really that much to talk about so Master is sort for bored just about any time we see my family.

We had a nice time at the event, we watched the bands and checked out the vendors.  Once we had looked around a bit we went back to visit again and then decided we’d go have supper somewhere else seeing that event food is just so expensive.  It was a fun night and something different to do if only for a little while. Master put me on His short leash for a while and walked me around to our car for several blocks that way.  No one really seemed to notice at all.  Seems funny but no one looked twice.

We were going work in the yard today but i slept late and Master’s not feeling super great.  i still think there might be time to get a couple things done before we have to get ready to go to work.

i hope you all have a good Saturday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Doing Better

First thing Monday morning Master’s Dad underwent a quadruple bi-pass.  The surgery went very well and Master’s Dad came through it just fine.  He’s still in ICU but making some progress.  He was in some terrible pain last night but today they took out the drains and now he’s been able to focus on something other than the pain.  Master’s Dad rarely complains about pain so when he’s in the kind of pain they described him being in last night, it must have been just excruciating.  Today he was able to take a few steps and sit up.  Master talked to His dad for a few minutes today and he sounded pretty good.  He’s certainly going to need some rehab but he’s doing better for sure.

Last night Master and i worked on His second bookcase and we’ll both be very glad to get that finished and in place so we can get the family room put back together.  Once that room is put together it will be the start of really cleaning up the whole basement.  The first bookcase looks awesome and the second one will look beautiful too, i am just excited that they’ll be done soon.

i am trying to plan a few shows for the end of the summer and fall.  The number of phone calls and red tape are phenomenal just to do a silly craft show!  Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s a complete waste of time, normally i have time to waste.  This summer though was an exception to that rule but now it’s back to the grind!

i need to work on taking Master’s first answer.  That’s been something i’ve noticed lately. Such as today i asked Master if He wanted to grill out ribs and He said that He didn’t want to do ribs, He would rather do something else.  Instead of just saying “OK”, i had some sort of commentary.  Such as, “well we have extra time today, i thought it would be a good day…. blah blah blah” whatever whatever whatever…. Master didn’t want to grill out ribs and i didn’t just say “yes Master, what would You like instead?”.  i’ve done this in one way or another for a long time.  It’s not with malicious intent or to be disagreeable it’s just me thinking i have to offer an opinion.  i have such a hard time just saying “yes Master” and moving on with the conversation.

Why? i don’t have any good answers nor have i had an epiphany or a “tifany” as we say! i just know that this is something i do and i wish i could come up with some way to work that two word answer, more often!  i often ask you guys if you ever do the ridiculous stuff i do, is this something i’m alone in this too? =)

i better scoot off here! Have a wonderful Thursday afternoon!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


The Waiting Game

Master and i just got home from His brother in law’s party.  It went well but i think we’re both very glad it’s over.  There was more stress added when we found out that Master’s Dad was going to have to have surgery for a bi-pass tomorrow morning.

There’s not much else to say except we’re just waiting to hear now how it goes tomorrow.  He’ll have his surgery at 6:30am.  Now we play the waiting game.

i’m pretty tired from the party and from not getting very much sleep at all last night.  i think i was just nervous about today.  It’s been a long time since i’ve done anything at all like this,  i was reminded today how much work it can be.  i also remembered that the hard work can be fun and rewarding too. =)goodwillshoe

This photo doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  i just like these shoes. =)

i hope you’re all having a good Sunday night.  i am going to hop off here and go veg somewhere!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure





Last night Master and i went over to His sister’s house for dinner and a small birthday party for his brother in law.  His family is in town for his birthday and to see their mom who lives with them.  She’s 84 and pretty confused and doesn’t always recognize her own children, actually these days it’s rare that she knows exactly where she is and she asks quite often where she’s supposed to be.  It’s a common yet all too unsettling behavior for someone who has dementia.  She recognizes Master and i much easier than she does her kids who only visit once a year and is much quicker to take help from us than she is from them.  It’s sad but not uncommon.

This weekend is going to be full of party preparations and hopefully it will go off without a hitch!  Lots of things can go wrong i just hope they don’t! =)

Master’s Dad is on an extended stay with Master’s brother in Virginia.  We heard this morning that Master’s brother took him to the urgent care because Master’s brother thought he might have another UTI.  They got him all hooked up and ran a bunch of tests.  i just heard from Master’s sister and they are keeping him over night due to elevated enzymes.  The more i thought about it after i hung up from Master’s sister the more i remembered hearing about “elevated enzymes” from past experiences.  Master’s sister specifically mentioned that His dad was having chest pain which was another reason the elevated enzyme thing triggered something in my memory. Of course i’m no doctor and we have no concrete information yet but the hospital here wouldn’t keep Master’s Dad without a very good reason, but as soon as they saw the enzymes were elevated, they kept him right away.  i just hope he hasn’t had any heart damage.  We’re looking forward to talking to him directly but that is taking a while.  He was only just admitted to the hospital a little while ago and it’s been many hours since they got there.

We just got home from work and now we’re headed over to start setting up for the party!  i will be happy when it’s over and i think my nerves will be happy too!! i’m a bit anxious that everything goes well.

i hope you’re all having a good Saturday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Too much Party

This Sunday is Master’s brother in law’s 60th surprise birthday party.  Master’s sister is going all out and she’s totally going over board with this party.  She was going to pay like $800 for a taco bar and Master and i were completely floored that she was even thinking about doing that.  We told her that we would do the taco bar so she wouldn’t have to pay someone to do it and she’s be able to save that much money and have more money to spend on the party.  Finally the party is just about here and we’re all but ready for the big shabang and she’s made more food than she’ll ever need for 3 parties.  i know that her husband knows a lot of people but it’s pretty over the top.  To say that we’ll be glad when this party is over is an understatement of the biggest kind!

It’s been very hot and muggy here but then again, i think they call that summer in some places.  Iowa tends to be pretty muggy in August and every year you hear the same people say the same things.  How they can’t stand the heat and they can’t take how muggy it is.  It’s true it’s like a friggin sauna when you walk outside and you’re immediately drenched but that’s how it is every single August.  Some years it’s worse than others but it’s always pretty bad.  This past week has been “that week” and it will pass and in the winter those same people will complain how cold they are.  Master will say i’m one of these people! i’d like to think i’m not but in truth i probably am.  Hey, admitting the problem is the first step right? =)

i’ve gotten some awesome advice about our cats and as soon as i have a chance i’ll write a complete post.  i can’t thank you guys enough for your input and taking the time to help out!

Tonight Master’s sister is having a fake birthday party for her husband to throw him off as today is his actual birthday.  It’s just a few people and very small dinner.  Right now i seriously need to scoot off here and get ready to go or we’re going to be late for this fake birthday party.

Have a great night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Fun Dollar Night

Master finished building His book shelves a little while ago.  The build part is finished.  Now the finishing work begins.  That’s not His favorite part.  That’s not my favorite part either, for that matter.  He’s grilling out tonight and once we’re finished eating He’s planning on starting with the finishing work.

Last Monday Master took me to a local baseball game.  It’s a professional team but a pretty low A team, i don’t really remember how they are ranked but they’re low.  It was a very fun game and it was cheap, that made it even more fun.  $2 to get in and $1 hot dogs, pizza and soda!  That’s like nearly unheard of at a professional game, even this level! It was a great night for a game and i had more fun at this game than at the Cub game, seriously!

As always Master took a few pictures!!Baseballfun  The only thing i don’t like about going to baseball games is having to watch every single pitch for foul balls.  We were sitting in a pretty bad place for foul balls too!  We had a couple come within 20 feet or so and one hit a fan.  He just SAT there and let it hit him!! It was pretty nasty to watch but even worse to hear!  i won’t soon forget that sound of the ball hitting that man’s head.  Blargh!








There weren’t too many people around us so we were able to spread out and take plenty of fun pictures!

This really was a fun game and we’re looking forward to the next dollar night!

i hope you all had a good weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Fantasy Land

Lately it seems like all i’m doing is cleaning up after animals.  Our new kitty seems to really have had a terrible affect on our older kitty.  The new kitty just wants to play but she’s very rambunctious plays rough.  The older kitty just doesn’t tolerate it and in the process has taken to peeing on the worst possible place.  Our bed!  We’ve done just about everything we can think of to try to stop this nonsense and i’ve done more laundry and used the best concoctions i know of to try to rid the house/bed and carpets of cat urine.

Master and i even lugged our gigantic over-sized king comforter to the laundry mat and washed it (twice).  It came out nice only to have to her pee on it again a week later.  i am seriously about at my wits end with this whole thing.

We have tried every single thing including laying a tarp on the spare room floor, giving her quiet time away from the new kitty to sleep.  Nothing is working.  With just about all our options exhausted my sister in law suggested diapers.  It’s something we’ve really tried to avoid.  She came over yesterday and helped me put one on her because i couldn’t get the ones on her we bought, they were too small.  i am not convinced this is the route i want to go.  She wore a diaper all day and evening yesterday but i just can’t convince myself this is something i want to do.

This is what is taking up tons of my time right now, i hate to admit.  i’m washing pillows, washing linens, sopping pee up off the tarp and disinfecting just about everything that will stand still.  Everywhere i walk in the house now i “think” i smell cat pee.  Whether i do or not may or may not be all in my head.  i’ve done so much laundry and cleaning it’s hard to believe i’ve missed any but who knows…. i just have to believe this can’t go on forever and they’ll learn to get along and the older cat will calm down again.  That’s is my currently fantasy land.

Master and i are working tonight and maybe when we get home everyone will be friends! =)

i hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Play By The Rules!

The other night Master and i went out to His sister and brother in laws house to play a few games.  We always stay way too late but we have a good time no matter what we do or what games we play.  Master is the most competitive of us all.  He plays to win and His family always plays by the rules, it’s only fair.  Every once in a while they might let something or someone slide on something but it’s kind of rare.  Everyone strives for fairness most everyone wants to win, there’s only one exception.  That would be me.  i don’t care if i win and of course i want things to be fair for everyone but me lol.  i just don’t care if i win or even if i get screwed out of something.  i simply do not care as long as everyone is having fun and it keeps the game going.

OK wait, that’s not entirely true.  The only time i care about the “rules” or “winning” is when it’s the first time i’ve played a game, then i make a mistake that is a clear violation of the rules because i completely misunderstood the rules.  Then i’m not allowed to correct my mistake or take back my play.  That’s when i become frustrated or upset.  We play a lot of new games and i misunderstand a lot so i can imagine i am frustrating to play with, so there are two sides to every story! =)

So let me back up.  This particular game night was fine, started out great we had a few games to go through.  They wanted to play some of these older games to see if they wanted to keep/sell/toss.  Some of them weren’t even that old we just couldn’t remember if they were fun.  We were in the middle of a game and Master and His sister got into what i’ll call a ‘tiff’ over one of the rules.  As i mentioned they are rule followers and Master told her that she wasn’t following one of the rules.  She got upset in a hurry and was quick to point out that i was allowed to break a rule on a previous turn.  Master and her husband both agreed it was a  very minor infraction and that nearly incensed her.  She was overly angry about something so trivial.  There was one point i was pretty upset too at her behavior, although i never said a word.  i can’t even remember what she said to me but she was just nasty and i thought that i was ready to go home.  She calmed down over the course of the evening but she was just crabby and not as much fun as she normally is when we’re having game night.

Master’s sister just isn’t the type to admit when she’s wrong, at least she never has been until the last few years.  Now we have good conversations where we’re able to (usually) discuss matters and come to reasonable conclusions.  Today while we were talking she actually apologized for her behavior Sunday night.  She said that she’s very unhappy with her situation and she is just having a very hard time right now.  i didn’t completely let her off the hook like i normally would have but we did have a nice talk.

That’s it for me today.  i think we’re having homemade pizza tonight.  We got the mattress out and put it on the floor to prepare for Game of Thrones. It’s sort of like going to the Drive In!  i thought we were having homemade pizza and Game of Thrones but Master said He wants to finish His book cases before we watch Game of Thrones so maybe we’ll watch a movie.  Either way i’m pretty sure it’s pizza night!  That’s always a good thing!! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure




Master and i got a late start on our work yesterday but we still got a couple of projects done.  one thing was the carpet laid in the garden!  Doesn’t everyone put carpet down in their garden? haha!! It’s actually a genius idea.  It completely keeps the weeds at bay and gives you something nice to kneel on to pull the weeds that do get through and to pick your harvest, i love the whole idea.  Now we just need to actually HAVE a harvest.  That would just be the bees knees.

This evening we’re going back over to Master’s sister’s house to play more games!  They have all these old games they want to go through to see if they want to keep or sell them at this big sale coming up.  Now that our sale this weekend didn’t pan out i’m wondering if we shouldn’t go to this one coming up.  We didn’t do all that well at this one coming up but it’s better than nothing…. maybe?

Master’s sister is having this huge surprise 60th birthday party for Master’s brother in law in a few weeks.  We are going to do the food, for the most part, anyway.  We went over to the community center here in our little town.  It’s a very nice place and pretty much brand new.  When we went over there we saw that they were going to have Bingo there that night!! i was so excited i couldn’t stand it!! i love Bingo, for real.  i used to call Bingo as a little part time job, of course i called a thousand games when i worked in activities at the nursing homes too.  It’s just a fun game.  The lady i talked to, OK the lady who yelled at me, told me all about the game and she told me that there were going to be a ton of people there that night.  Master said i could go if i wanted but that He wasn’t going to be going with me.  He was going to stay home and work on His broken computer.  It worked out well, i would walk over to the community center and He’d have peace and quiet for a while.  i still have a few bucks of my own to spend so i spend about $12 or $13 and had a really fun time!! =)

MastermeIt didn’t bother me that i was alone, Bingo is one thing that you can totally do by yourself.  i was completely out place, sort of.  i certainly wasn’t the only young-ish person there, but i was most certainly the only person there who looked the way i look.  There was one kid there with bright red hair! =)i was super happy that Master let me go, i really had fun!

Master snapped this the other day when we were coming out of the store.  It’s really good of Him!

i gotta run! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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