We put in a bigger garden this year than last year.  About double the size, actually.  That means about triple the weeds!  Master’s buddy brought us some old carpet to put down between the rows to help keep the weeds at bay.  We are really late at getting this carpet put down because the weeds are so out of control already but better late than never!!! We won’t get anything if we don’t get this under control.

We don’t have much of a yard so the weeds just spread to anything and everything.  That’s our project for today.  Just as soon as we started to head outside it started sprinkling.  We’re going to lay this carpet in the rain, it needs to be done that badly!

i’m just popping on here to jot down a quick note for a post before i head outside for the afternoon.  We’re planning a movie night too so hopefully we can be very productive in a short time!  i got Master a movie for Father’s Day that we haven’t watched yet so maybe we can watch it tonight.

Time for me to head outside and get to work.  Wish me luck, it looks hot out there!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Snoozing Soundly

This weekend is an annual show that Master and i have done since we started selling doing crafts.  i called today just to check and see where they are setting up this year and the lady informed me that they don’t have as much space this year so they aren’t accepting anymore vendors.  Their facebook page has had no mention of them being full and has been encouraging vendors to get in touch with them if they’d like to be involved!  Needless to say i am quite disappointed in the whole thing.  Not just the fact that we can’t go but the fact that they never even mentioned the fact that they’d be limited on space.  Apparently they knew all along that space would be limited and different this year than any other year.  This would have been good intel as Master likes to say!  i just kept thinking what if i hadn’t called?  i only called to double check on set up and i might not have done that, it was sort of a last minute thing.  There’s every chance in the world that Master and i could have gotten completely ready, gotten up at 5am and gone down there tomorrow ready to sell, maybe even gotten set up only for them to tell us we had to tear down because we didn’t have the space reserved.  That would have so bad <shudders>.

Now i’ll have to find a couple different shows to make up for that one.  That has been a very good show for us and we were looking forward to that one in particular.  i’ll have to hit the computer one day next week to see what i can find.

Master and i had a full evening.  We ran into town before the bank closed then decided to get a little exercise on the tennis court.  It’s a good thing i only play for exercise because i’m seriously just terrible.  It doesn’t seem like i’m getting any better either! lol! We’ve been playing 2 sets, 6 games per set (if you don’t know anything about tennis) like i didn’t.  Tonight though we played three sets and i actually called it quits about 1/2 way through the third set but when Master hit a ball right at me and it hit my forearm i got mad and i apparently got a second wind and was ready to finish the last set! haha!!

After three sets of tennis we still had to run a couple of errands and then we went to work!  Now i’m actually pretty worn out and i got a fairly nasty cramp in my thigh while we were cleaning! It went away and i’m hoping it stays gone!  i hate cramps!

That’s about it for tonight.  Master and i are going to spend the day tomorrow working in the yard and try to get a few projects finished.  Maybe we’ll have a movie night if we get a good start.

i hope you’re all snuggled up tight in your beds and snoozing soundly.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


More Photos

Each week i’m required to post at least one photo.  Master made a drop box account so it’s a little easier to post photos now.

i likepinkbelt this outfit!  He liked the shirt because we were just done with Tennis and i was hot so it made my bra stand out more in the white shirt! =)











We were headed out to Master’s sister’s house on the 4th of July.  We stopped for a quick soda and Master snapped this as i was walking to the car.  i never know when to pause for a photo or when i should just keep walking!  This one was just a random shot i guess. =)

i hope you’re all having a good Saturday afternoon.  i am going to finish a few chores so i can get ready for work.  Master’s sister is actually joining us at work tonight.  We’re going to use the kitchen and all the big roasters to cook up about 40lbs of meat for a big party we have coming up!! Seeing that we can’t even get into the kitchen until 9:30 we won’t be out of there for hours!!

Have a good night and peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


A Small Gesture

This blog has been around for a while now.  October of ’04 to be exact.  When i started blogging, i knew of only a handful of other bloggers who wrote regularly.  i’m sure there were many others that i didn’t know about but there were only a few i found and that really seemed to stick around.  If you’re an avid blog reader and you’ve been around a while you’ll recognize all or most of them.  The very first blog i read and the one that sucked me in was Lessons Learned by Lisa.  She was a staple in blog land and really an Icon, she had a gigantic following and had thousands of readers.  Lisa’s life began to change and ultimately her life changed completely, shocking her readers.  For the time that she wrote though and it was a long time, she was fantastic.  The other was Delia Day she was exciting and dramatic!  Too bad she killed her owner and was never heard from again.

There are several others of course that write to this day.  Luna of course has been around forever, Molly and a good friend of mine, Firerunner.  Then one of the most popular bloggers there’s ever been is Kaya.  Everyone reads Kaya or just about everyone.  She too has thousands of followers and rightly so, she’s funny, dramatic and she’s a good writer.  She’s always been a good writer.  No matter what’s going on in her life be it good bad or just the doldrums of every day life she can turn it into something comical.  That’s why her readers keep coming back.  i’ve read Kaya on and off since i started blogging. So has Master, of course He’s the One who told me about her blog to begin with. So when Master checked Fetlife the other day and called to me from the den “Hey! you know Kaya’s son Bman?” i thought oh these things are never good, “yeah?” Master hollered back, “He was murdered!”.  i don’t think i said a word or asked any questions.  my first thoughts were of Kaya of course, Kaya and Scott.  Like i said, i read her for many years and due to the quality of her writing, we felt like we knew these kids.

So while there’s nothing anyone can do about this,  this is really the only way to pay any sort of respect to her and her son. She’s stepping away from blogging and FetLife for now, maybe forever to do whatever she’s gotta do.  Kaya has taught a lot of people a lot for a lot of years.  If she decides to come back that will be great but if she doesn’t it will be a loss to the “kink” community.

She’ll never read this but it’s a small gesture from Master and i to her, peace to you Kaya.  Thank you for all you’ve done.

Cannot Compute

Did i mention that Master’s computer is no more?  We’ve had a wave of some nasty storms come through here the last couple weeks and whenever we get weather with bad lightning we both power down whatever we’ve got up and running.  For Master to shut down it’s a big pain in the butt because it’s difficult to get His computer back up!  It’s old and He’s been babying this thing for a long time.  His computer runs our house for most of you, you’ll understand what that means.  That’s how we pay bills, work, check the bank, honestly the list is endless how His computer is a vital part of our lives.

People who live in the real world understand how much we’ve come to rely on technology to go through life.  His family, on the other hand has absolutely no idea what it means when He says “I have no computer” or “My computer died”.  To us, this is devastating news to them, it’s like saying “our washing machine isn’t running.  Yeah, it’s a pain but you’ll get it fixed.

He’ll fix it or build a new one but obviously that takes time and money.  Neither of which do we really have, for real.  Time is of the essence when you’re talking about paying bills and stuff.  Thankfully, He can use my computer IF He can remember the passwords that people make you change every 4 days for security reasons!  my computer doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that His does and does no where near what His does and has none of His stuff on it that He needs.  His sister saw His computer not long ago and said it looked like a space ship, LOL. my computer looks like…. a computer, haha.

While He has no computer we’re going to put on a screen door that Master has been trying to put on for a couple of weeks!  He said that if this door doesn’t go up today, He’s putting it out for the trash!  i think we better make sure it gets hung today! =)

It’s about a billion and 1/2 degrees outside so maybe when/if we get this door hung, we’ll get in the pool, but only if we get going!  i hope you’re all doing well and having a good week!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


We Made It

This past weekend wasn’t exactly what we thought it was going to be.  Master and i were going on ahead into Chicago on Saturday with His sister and brother in law.  His brother and sister in law would be bringing His Dad on Sunday and just meet us at the Cubs game.  Then three nephews and one niece were coming as well but just making their own way, to see the game.

Master decided in the middle of last week that we would go ahead and go in on Saturday with His sister and brother in law.  They had asked us quite a while before hand and we never really gave them an answer.  Master didn’t really want to go but finally decided we’d make a night of it and go in on Saturday.  The trip was fine and Master’s brother in law drove.  He’s an aggressive driver but i wasn’t too uncomfortable and that’s saying a lot, i’m usually pretty terrified in bad traffic.

We had a hard time finding a hotel room because it’s well… Chicago on a Saturday night!  We finally found something nice for $100!  That’s super cheap but we had to stay outside of the city!  We got settled in and Master and i took a long walk over to a mall.  It was a really nice mall and we did some shoe shopping but mostly just window shopped.  They came and picked us up and we went for pizza.  It was supposed to be “Chicago Deep Dish Pizza”.  It was very good pizza but it was nothing like real Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, lemme tell ya! =)  By the time we got back to the hotel room people were sort of pooped out and went to sleep kinda early.

Master woke up at 5:30 the next morning!  He just couldn’t get back to sleep!  As a result i was awake and in the shower by about 7:00 or so.  Not too long after we were all up and going, we get a phone call from Master’s brother.  He was asking Master’s brother in law engine questions so immediately we smell trouble. There were a lot of things said like “oh that could be your… this” or “oh that could be your…. that”.  Long very story short and lots of bad decisions by Master’s brother; Master’s Dad, brother and sister in law didn’t come to the game.

We were all pretty upset that Master’s Dad didn’t get to come to the game.  The whole point of them getting everyone together was to go to this game and of course we never would have agreed to do this whole thing had it not been for Master’s Dad and getting the whole family together.  There’s nothing you can do about vehicle break downs but it’s just really a big bummer.  Master’s Dad seemed like he wasn’t too upset about it when we saw him. He said he was glad it happened close to home instead of when they got on the road all the way back to Master’s brother’s house across the country.  Good thing they were able to get back to Master’s Dad’s house at least.

The game itself was pretty neat.  i had never been to a big stadium or professional anything before.  Wrigley Field is super fun and for a Native Illinoisian i should at least go to Wrigley at least once in my lifetime! =)  We had the worst nosebleed seats ever!  Which may have also been a real issue had Master’s Dad made it to the game.  There’s no way he would have been able to climb the stairs where our seats were located.  i just kept looking at all the people ambling their way up the stairs and balancing on top of the chairs “look Ma no hands!” type of stuff!  It’s crazy 30 how people don’t plummet to their death every single game!  We all got out alive, i’m glad to report!

It took forever to get back to our car but the parking was free and that’s a huge bonus. We saw some parking for $30 and $40, no kidding!  We stopped for dinner at a Denny’s on the way home, i was pretty hungry, Master and i didn’t eat at the game.  A bottle of soda was $5.50 so just about everything was just wayyyy too much!  A beer was $8.25! Cheap huh? We got home about 11:30pm or so and we were happy to see our critters and i know they were happy to see us and we were very happy to be home!  Like Master said when we got in the car, it was nice to get away for a little trip but it would have been more fun to do something that we wanted to do.  All in all it didn’t turn out too bad! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Cheating: All Pics!

goofyPicture post!!

Master wanted a picture of all the metal so i stuck out my tongue to show the piercing.  =)  This was take a couple weeks ago at a Steak and Shake i believe.











This was another end of the day poses except this was a “before shot”.  i was just trying to get my outfit put back together and Master took advantage the girdle shot, i guess.


latenightworkLeaving work late at night.  i like this shot with the ambient light.

Master and i are leaving in a bit to go have dinner with His family and then we’ll be gone for the rest of the weekend on that trip to Chicago so i had to get a short post in before we left.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and i’ll have some good pics when i get back!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Good Timing

Today Master and i had the pleasure of taking Master’s Dad to the a couple of doctor appointments.  While he was having physical therapy, i went to his house to finish cleaning and getting things fixed up for Master’s brother and sister in law.  Almost exactly the time i put the vacuum cleaner away and got the last of my cleaning products put back in the cupboard, Master said “here they are”.  The timing couldn’t have been better.

We only stayed a little while after they arrived before we left for home.  We stayed around for the pleasantries but then excused ourselves saying we needed to run home and get a few things done before heading back in for the evening.

We were supposed to have a craft show this coming weekend but due to this game and Master’s family being in town it’s not going to work out for us to do this show.  That really sucks because this has fairly good show for us in the past but the timing is just really bad.

i hope the rest of this week and weekend goes well with Master and His Dad.  Master is really at the end of His rope with His Dad and i hate to see it.  i wish we didn’t have spend as much time there this week as we’re going to.  Maybe with Master’s brother in town it will serve as a distraction.  Again, this is me being very hopeful! =)

We are leaving soon to meet Master’s sister and brother in law at the park for tennis.  i’m really horrible at tennis, i’m even worse at doubles, if you can imagine that!

Have a wonderful evening.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Being Hopeful

Master’s Dad really wanted to take everyone on a little day trip.  He had been talking about going to this place he had read about for weeks now and due to his health and a few scheduling conflicts, it had taken a while to get things worked out.  Master’s Dad is leaving this Sunday to go to Virginia to stay with Master’s brother for a while so we really had to squeeze in this trip if we were to make it happen before he left.  Yesterday was the day for the trip!  It might not have been the best timing for everyone, Master’s Dad wasn’t in the best of shape and we really didn’t have the time for it but it was important to Master’s Dad to go so we all made time for the trip.

Master’s brother will be in town this Thursday and staying at their Dad’s house.  i cleaned Master’s Dad’s on Monday and need to finish cleaning a bit to have it ready for when they get here.  Master always gets in a pretty bad mood when His brother comes to town. We’re all going to a baseball game Saturday to watch two teams that Master and i care nothing about.  Which really means nothing to me, i’m just going because it’s an activity.  Yeah if we were going to watch the St. Louis Cardinals i would be outta my mind with excitement but we’re not  It should still be fun though.  Master hates the CUBS and we’re going to watch them.   He also nothing in common with his brother and doesn’t like being around him at all.  We have lots of things that need to be done around here and because of interruptions from His Dad they aren’t getting done.  That’s also making Master unhappy so He’s been in a pretty bad mood lately.  The cat is peeing on the bed because she’s afraid of the new cat, i am at a loss for how to make this stop.  All i can do is try to come up with ideas to try to make it stop and we’re seriously like running out of pillows because once a cat pees on something it’s like marked for life.  It’s horrible and i can’t stand how upset the old cat is and i don’t want her to be upset and Master to be mad at her and me!  There’s a theme here…. Master is in a very bad mood.

Once Master’s Dad has gone to visit Master’s brother then we’ll have plenty of time to work on projects.  He will be gone the remainder of the summer.  i think he’ll have a nice time on his visit and i’m hoping it will offer Master and i a bit of a reprieve.  We’ll be able to work on tasks and hopefully Master’s Dad will be well looked after as well.  That is my hope, anyway.

i am going to sign off and get as much done here before we have to scoot off today.

i hope you’re all having a good afternoon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Park Pics

The park was really very quiet Friday night when Master and i were there.  i was surprised seeing that it was such a beautiful night, i thought people might be out on picnic after work or even an evening motor cycle ride.  There were a few people of course but nothing like i was thinking there should be.

Master and i started picking things up at dusk and by then the place was nearly deserted with the exception of three guys on motorcycles just over the hill and from where we were, they couldn’t see us.  Honestly, if anyone did see us though, who cares, really?

i was wearing the leash and cuffs the entire we were there and Master thought we should get a few pictures! He set up His Gorilla Pod and He took a few rare photos of us together! =)

i have to ask that you remember we were on a picnic so neither one of us are in our Sunday best.MastermeWCD

The cuffs i’m wearing are pale pink leather and a little loose.  Master is going to add an additional hole so they are a better fit.  i don’t wear them very often but i can (and have) wear them out in public. they aren’t as “in your face” as the big black ones that i wear every day.







This was a really relaxing evening.  We needed it! =)

Today i’m  just working on household chores and helping Master with whatever He’s got going in the garage.  Not too much going on outside today as it was just pouring!  Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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