Annual Shopping

Last night was Master’s annual shopping trip with His buddy.  It’s always a long night and He gets home very late.  Most years i’m alone that night and i spend it finishing up Christmas cards, or starting Christmas cards!  Last year and this year princess and i went shopping.  She took me to do some of my shopping for Master.  Most of it is done on line but there are always little things that i always buy in the store.

We went to Wal Mart and i was pretty productive except for one thing i always buy for Him, they were out of.  Sort of sucks unless i can get it when we go out of town this week. It’s sort of crunch time and i’m no where near done with my sister and i haven’t even started with my Christmas cards.

Master and i went shopping on Monday and had a nice time.  We did all of our normal things and i think we got quite a bit done.  We didn’t get home until about 12:30am which is about normal, even a little early for us.  princess doesn’t like to go to bed alone so she waits up for me no matter what time i go to bed.  There are no two ways to look at it, it puts pressure on me to get to bed at a decent time so she can get her sleep.

When we first started talking i told her that she wouldn’t have to go to sleep alone.  The intention was that i would get back up after she was asleep.  i have no problem going to bed with her and we’ve discussed this until we’re blue, she maintains that she’ll wake up once i get back up.  This time of year when i need to be up late, it’s going to be something she’ll have to work out because i have far too much to do to go to bed at a time that works for her work schedule.  i need her to be comfortable enough in her own skin to sleep on her own, right now this is a big issue that needs to be resolved and it can only be resolved by her.  Master nor i can “make” her sleep but i can’t be rushed into bed.

i realize how harsh this sounds as a reader.  It’s simply something that we’ve gone over and over again.  i feel like telling her i would go to bed with her initially was fair.  i was simply unaware she would expect me to stay with her and there are times it simply doesn’t work for me.  Our schedules don’t sync and i have other things that i need to finish while she needs her sleep to get up at 6:30am.

For now anyway, she may receive a bedtime. If i’m not ready for bed that’s going to be her issue to deal with, and i believe it will be a very good thing.  There is going to be big backlash, big from her. The last thing i want to do is make her miserable, just stronger and healthier.

Before any of this takes place, i have to ask Master.  He may put the kibosh on the whole thing, or tell me what a bad idea this is, we’ll see.

i hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Playing Catch-Up

This past week was challenging.  Mentally and physically.  Doing the chores for the horses when the weather was warmer wasn’t a breeze, doing the chores for the horses in the freezing cold weather absolutely sucked.  Even though the weather was cold and the chores themselves sucked, i still found myself standing outside in the barn with them once the work was done, enjoying their company.  Even in the bitter cold of the night, i stood outside most nights and listened to them munching away at their hay and enjoyed the sound of them being well fed and taken care of by me.  These giants were being cared for by me and it was just a good feeling.  i have absolutely zero aspirations of getting one of those expensive, sometimes mean, unwieldy, uncontrollable, sometimes filthy, beautiful beasts.  They are still exceptional specimens that i enjoyed looking after, to an extent.

They need a better system.  Their watering system is absolutely absurd.  Everything is done by hand and although they do have heated buckets that’s the only “luxury” they have.  The combination of lifting the buckets, their rock hard bed and a million other things this past week, i woke up in the middle of the night almost each night, almost unable to move to get myself out of bed. i was so looking forward to coming home and sleeping in our bed, i just knew it would be all better.  While i felt better sleeping, i was still almost unable to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

This week is going to be all about catching up on things, doing some shopping and getting back on track!  One whole week away in the middle of December just doesn’t make much sense.  i’m looking forward to starting all of our holiday traditions! Soon! =)

The Friday before i left on my sitting job was the first of our traditions! The Holiday Stroll is one of our favorites!


i hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Bottle Rockets!

The other night i was lying in their bed thinking, i could do two cats, but i just don’t think i could ever have five. Then i remembered, we actually had two cats. What was i thinking? We had Doodie and Pixie for quite a while. i guess it just didn’t seem like they ever interacted much so it didn’t seem like we actually had two cats. i’d love to have multiple cats but i couldn’t deal with the cat hair. They have new wood floors and there is so much cat hair and dog hair flying around all the time it gets in your mouth! It doesn’t matter how diligent you are with sweeping and mopping, there is still tons of hair around all the time.

The best thing about having more than one kitty is how much they play together and just hang out together. None of them really sleep or cuddle up together though.

Whenever i’m here i have Let’s Make a Deal and The Price Is Right on the TV. One thing i’ve noticed about these people that go on these shows is that they are crazy excited. i mean out of their minds with excitement. i’m not sure i would ever be chosen as a contestant. While i would be excited to play, i don’t see myself jumping around like someone has literally let off a bottle rocket up my skirt! Also, these people bring more people with them than i even know. When they get to the point of people they want to just say “hi” to, they list more people than i even know. i would be like, umm yeah, i’d like to say hi to you Drew,’sup?

Apparently, i’m just not like most people, i guess. i don’t have 36 people i need to give a “quick” shout out to. i couldn’t ever see myself up on stage in front of a bajillion people screaming and nearling molesting a game show host. i think what really struck me was how excited people get and i don’t. i mean i certainly get very happy and laugh a ton but i’m not sure i’ve ever been THAT crazed except when i was fifteen and made the pom pon squad or something! i was pretty excited then! Someone was actually so excited for me that they hugged me so hard, they busted my lip open!

i think i could learn a lot from some of these people. Just let go a little and don’t worry about things so much. That would be fantastic!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,
MD’s treasure

Stretching my Legs

i am still out on my sitting job. This week has gone surprisingly fast. i’ve been busier than i’ve ever been when sitting out here. The lady that i watch is getting steadily worse and to ad to it, this this time, she’s got pneumonia. Had she been my mother, i never would have left for a vacation if she were this ill. She’s much better now than when they left but i wasn’t sure i shouldn’t take her to the ER last Sunday night/Monday morning and have them admit her. She could hardly breath and i was giving her hits on her inhaler and Robitussin as often as i thought was safe.

i’m really glad she’s getting better but now that she’s better, she’s getting feisty again, sometimes even mean. The other night she smacked me, more like slapped me because she didn’t want me to help her back to her bedroom. She just doesn’t know what she’s doing and when i made her look at me, really look at my face, she saw that i was someone she knew as a friendly face. She was immediately remorseful and said that she was very sorry for her behavior and she didn’t mean to be nasty. She just needed to see my face and be reminded that i was someone she could trust. It’s really all about fear and she thought she was all alone. That’s why i made her look at me. She didn’t even realize there was someone helping her, as far as she knew, there was a horrible murder helping her. Once she saw a friendly face, her world was right again. i wish i was allowed to tell Master’s sister about these tricks, it would make her life a little easier. The little lady even felt so badly about her behavior, once i had her tucked into bed and was walking out the door, she called me over to her and told me how sorry she was. The incident happened about ten minutes before that and for her to remember something for that long is truly remarkable. She’s like ‘Ten second Tom’. If you’ve ever seen the movie Fifty First Dates, that title will strike a cord with you.

Master is coming out here today and bringing lunch. He and princess came out the other night and we all had this super nasty soup that His sister made. It was spicy and weird but she made a big pot of it and i didn’t want it to go bad. Master and i ate it but it was just… not good. princess ate a partial bowl but thankfully we had a sandwich too because it was just the strangest soup. lol

Before we ate dinner they went outside with me and helped me do chores. They sort of just hung out with me while i did them but it was still nice to have them with me. Their horses are working out a new hierarchy since they lost their big boss Thanksgiving weekend. It was such a big loss to everyone and they are just trying to figure things out. He was very much the alpha and while it’s clear who the new alpha is and they all knew who was next in line to be boss, it’s taking a while for them to figure things out. He still has to establish his dominance and it’s important that i have to make sure i don’t get in the way!

i’m enjoying the work with the little lady and testing my skills again. i’m also enjoying working outside with the horses. The only downside is that it’s getting very cold. When they left it was about fifty degrees. Last night it was eighteen and the other night it was even colder and super windy. The exercise is good for me even if it’s making my back and knee a bit more sore. It’s good for me to get out and do some work.

i hope you’re all having a lovely Friday.

Peace to you and yours,
MD’s treasure

Not A Man Cave

When i need to get a lot of computer work done, i come into the den.  It’s where my pc is and i really love typing on a real keyboard.  To me there’s nothing like being able to use a real keyboard.  my laptop is great and i’ve grown used to it but i love my desk and computer.  This is Master’s domain however.  If He were the type of guy to have a “Man Cave” this would be the place.  He’s not that guy, however.  He would never exclude me from anywhere.  He wants me to be where is He is and having a Man Cave is just exactly the opposite of that.

That’s why when He started talking about moving His den downstairs, i had a conniption fit.  He built this beautiful desk for Himself that fits into (literally) the wall.  The desk measures the room from end to end and fits the wall exactly.  There’s even a perfect space beside His desk for a cage someday, if He’s ever got a chance to get it finished.  When He built this desk, He thought of everything and there’s a place for everything.

deski know we’ve told princess she could have some space for her things.  Right now she and the little one are sharing a closet.  There are two nice size closets in this house.  Master and i are sharing the walk-in and she and the little one share the other one.  princess needs some space for her crafting supplies and we’ve told her she can have some space for her things.

Master has said that He’ll move the den back to the basement where it was when i first moved here.  We moved it up here because i didn’t like Him holing up down there in the first place and i know that’s what could happen again.  With princess and the little one here it can get a little busier than Master bargained for but i just don’t want Him tucked away down there.  So we’ll make room for her crafty stuff someplace else.

i’m sure i posted this photo or one like it, many years ago.  i guess it just struck me again when i was sitting in here, thinking about Him moving His life to the basement.  He doesn’t spend near the time in here like He used to, it just mad me sad thinking about the time and effort He spent and i would hate to see it all torn up and moved.  This photo doesn’t even show the entire desk both ends are missing!

i don’t know how i’ll get my posts up next week, not having internet, but i’ll figure out a way.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Overdoing It!

Last night Master and i went and got all our ingredients for our trail mix.  We were planning on increasing the recipe by half because we’re including princesses family and needed to make sure we had enough.  As always we over did it and we most certainly have enough! Ha!

Today i have to pack and get ready to be gone.  i have a doctor appointment this afternoon and we’re going to try to go to work before that.  i have no idea how i’m going to get my packing done, but i’m not terribly concerned about forgetting things.  As long as i have some warm clothes, my medicine and a few other essentials, i think i’ll be ok for a few days.  If not, Master can always bring me things, if not under protest, He’ll still bring them!  It’s not a long trip over there, it would just be a pain to drive an hour because i’ve forgotten something!

From what i understand the little lady i watch is showing some steady decline.  i don’t know how many more times i’ll be doing this job.  i don’t actually know how much longer they’ll be able to keep her at home.  They keep her there for a variety of reasons but one of them is money.  There were a few major mistakes made and her son doesn’t feel like he should put her in a nursing home right now.  If push comes to shove and that’s the care she needs, he won’t have a choice.  i’m not available to hire on an on going basis and he can’t afford home care.  They are terribly expensive, much more than a regular nursing home.  If he hired them to take care of his mother while they were away it could cost him upwards of $4,000.  Just for 9 to ten days.  i am going to take care of their dogs, five cats, do their farm chores. AND care for his infirm mother for a 1/4 of that.  Yeah, i’d hire me too. The chores are easy but that’s not the point, i’m still feeding giants, putting out hay and water and acting like Bob The Farmer.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  i have to pack!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


More Time Away

Master’s sister and brother in law are going on vacation again and i am going to have another sitting job.  This time i’ll be gone for over a week and it’s right in the heart of the holiday season.  It’s a difficult time to be gone and i’m not only leaving Master but i’m leaving Master, princess and the little one.  They didn’t do well last time i was gone.  There was a bit of an eruption while i was gone but to be fair, it was mostly my fault.  This time i expect they’ll do much better.  Master and princess aren’t butting heads as much, she has a tendency to snap back when she disagrees with Him.  It’s something she’s working on and has gotten much better.  She knows the consequences of her actions and is learning.

Where she needs the most work is in her actions and reactions toward Him.  Sometimes even her reactions to me need work.  It’s a process, this is a journey.  i’ve always said that with my own life.  You’re never done learning in this lifestyle, in this life, for that matter.

It’s going to be difficult leaving them just in general.  i hate leaving Master, at least He’ll have someone to cook for Him and do laundry!  That makes me feel a bit better.

We have a lot to do before i go!  Today we’re doing our annual Christmas Scroggin.  It’s Australian for “Trail Mix”.  We make it for everyone in the family and we need to get it ready for Master’s sister to take to His brother’s family! At least we’re getting it all done early this year.

i better scoot off here.  Have a wonderful day.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


shoppingThis was taken Saturday when Master, princess and i were just on a quick shopping trip.  We found more in this 45 minute shopping trip than we did in the two hours we were searching on Friday.

You’ll notice Master is wearing shorts!  Friday it got up to 72 degrees.  For those of you who may have forgotten, we live in Iowa.  It’s the end of November, in Iowa!  Saturday it was a bit cooler but not too much so.

Today we spent decorating and putting up the tree.

There’s a bit of a sadness here today because Master’s sister lost her beautiful horse this morning.  They did everything they could to save him and he just lost a hard fought battle.  He was an awesome guy and i know she’s just heartbroken.  i can’t blame her, he was twenty years old and they were just as close to him as anyone is to an animal.

We’ll see them tomorrow and i hope to be of some comfort to her, at least  i hope so.

i hope you’ve all had a good weekend with those you love and a wonderful holiday.

Trying to think of a title, calling this one the only thing i can think of!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Shopping and Decorating

Master, princess and i went shopping yesterday.  We got a pretty good start for us.  Normally Master and i wouldn’t get out until 2 or 3pm and then wonder why all the good stuff was already gone.  Even still, most of the really good buys were already gone but we were lucky enough to find a few movies that Master wanted.  i’ve never been one of those people who shop on Thursday.  It’s just completely wrong to support those companies who don’t respect their employees enough to give them time off with their families to make a buck.

Master and i don’t normally buy a lot for people on Black Friday, we just browse and figure out what we might get for people.  That’s sort of what we did yesterday.  princess knocked out most of her list and only has a few more presents to buy for her little one as well.

i was supposed to go for a very long sitting job in a week or so.  i may not have that sitting job after all.  One of their horses is horribly ill and there’s a chance they may not make the trip due to his illness.  There are good and bad things about that.  i’d love to be able to stay home and not have to be gone such a long time in the heart of the holidays.  The other part of it being it was going to be a huge part of our Christmas money.  i don’t want anything bad to happen to their horse, he’s an awesome creature and i’ve even gotten to know him through the time i’ve spent out there.  i’d hate for them to lose him, they’ve had him twenty years and they would be heartbroken if anything happened to him.  For their sake, i certainly hope, he’s alright.

Master and i have to go to work later, it sucks having to work late on Saturday but there was that big party at the church and it’s going to be a mess.  Times like this we have no choice.

i’m going to go watch football with Master and snuggle on the couch!  Tomorrow is decorating time, Master’s favorite! haha!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

The Little Things

It’s never difficult for me to find things to be thankful for;  i am warm, i am fed, clothed, healthy, (compared to some) i certainly can’t complain about my health.  i have family who love me, friends who love me and despite what i’ve put Him through this year, a Husband/Master who has stuck by my side and loves me.

For me, it’s the simplest things i am thankful for, i’m thankful that i’m able to stay in touch with my sister regularly.  i’m thankful for a working washer and dryer, coffee pot, comfortable bed, the list is long!  i’m thankful for Master and princess and the little one, every day.  For the littlest things they do,  i’m thankful for the funny things He says all day long to make me snicker and sometimes belly laugh.  i’m thankful for our compatibility, how we see things and people much the same way and can laugh and enjoy life in similar ways.  i’m thankful for His taste in music and and movies and desire to share it with me.  i and so very thankful for His need to make sure i have things i want and need.

i am thankful for Master always being there for me when i’m hurting.  After all these years, i won’t deny the fact that it gets old.  Anyone whose been married or in a long term relationship knows that a chronic pain suffer and their partner have difficulties.  There are even support groups for the partner because it’s so taxing on the partner as well as the victim.  Master is always there, even though it gets old hearing that my head hurts, after all these years.  He is still compassionate most especially when it’s very bad, He’s there to hold my hand, get me ice and whatever else i need.  Now princess is there too, to help when i’m in pain and she is such a big help.

i am incredibly thankful for her, she helps in more ways than i can say.  She helps with work around the house and tries so hard to anticipate my needs before i even know i need things.  Just last night she asked me if i needed anything done for today and when we got home from work she had peeled 10 pounds of potatoes!  That was a gigantic help.  i had a lot of cooking to do last night and that cut my work almost in half.

Last night while i was cooking the little one asked if she could help me make anything.  It was the first time in my life i cooked with a child.  She was genuinely interested in what we were doing.  It was fun and sad at the same time, it was more than a glimpse into what i have missed.  So i am thankful for that and for her.

i am thankful for my blog, thankful for the outlet, thankful for my readers and the time you take to comment.  i’m thankful for the longevity and those of you who have emailed me over the years and those of you who have become true friends.

i hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter where you spend it or who you spend it with.  If you’re with a crowd, one or two people or at home eating a grilled cheese sandwich.  i am thankful for you and know there are people out there who are thankful for you!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

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