Sales and Winnings

There are always a few stores we like to hit at the mall this time of year.  They used to have exceptional sales on dresses but now the exceptional sales are just so-so sales unless we really hunt.  We’ve gotten dresses that once sold for $120 for $10.  Now we’re lucky if those dresses are on “sale” for $30.  Those aren’t sale prices to us so we just don’t buy.

We’re picky because we have to be.  This time we found a few different dresses that were nicely priced and i found one that i was pretty sure i neeeeeded.  i rarely, actually almost never say that.  Master has to talk me into getting things.  This time i asked for this dress.  It was $12 after all the discounts and i’m sorry we didn’t look around more because there were plenty of dresses on those sale racks.  We were just a little pressed for time or so we thought at the time.  i asked Master if He would like to put it away for Christmas.  This is always a wonderful idea because i will have completely forgotten about it by then!

We didn’t get any pictures of me out and about in my pretty heels because Master’s phone battery is sucky but we did get some cute pictures at the zoo!

monkeyMaster loves monkeys and i was teasing Him that He looked right at home with the rest of His family! =) sprinkler











We take a picture here just about every time we go to the zoo! This little sprinkler is cute!

It was a very fun day but well worth it, we have a great time and a wonderful dinner at the casino!  We waited forever to try out the new Game Of Thrones slot machine.  When it finally became available i won all our slot money back plus an extra $15 so we went home ahead!! Awesome!

i hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday.  Master and i are going to go through a couple of old tubs of things and throw some stuff away today.  Yesterday wasn’t very productive so today needs to be!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Zoo Day

Yesterday was a fun day.  The weather cleared up and it turned out to be a really nice day.  It was a bit humid all day but that’s no big surprise seeing that it had rained almost all night and morning.  Surprisingly when we got to the zoo there were tons of people there!  This is the first time we’ve gone when there were more than maybe 75 people there and that’s a very high estimate.  This time there were hundreds.  It was pretty awesome and annoying at the same time!  There were little annoying kids everywhere.  It bothers Master waaaaay more than it bothers me.  i can be around a bunch of kids for a while before i start to loose my mind.  Master’s kid tolerance is nearly nonexistent.  He can handle one or two well behaved kids on a rare occasion. Bring in hoards of kid running screaming out of control, having a blast at the zoo? That’s the Nope Zone for Master.

After we left the zoo we went to the mall and continued our search for a pair of shoes for Master.  It’s not the kind of shoe shopping Master enjoys but He needed a pair of shoes and He isn’t an easy fit.  We finally found what we truly hope is a good pair that will last a long time.  They are very comfortable right at the start and although He’s not super happy with the color of the soles (they are white) the shoes themselves look great!  They were also about $20 less than we expected to spend.  /win

Like an idiot i left the bedroom door open all day. That meant the older cat had access to the bed all day and would have been able to get on the bed to pee on the bed.  i hollered to Master the second i saw the door open “Did You open the bedroom door?” Of course He said no.  There was no pee on the bed, not anywhere.  She’s been allowed to spend some supervised time on the bed but no time unsupervised.  Yesterday was wonderful and i’m hope a real turning point.  She’s starting to really stand up to the new kitty and shows almost no signs of backing down to her.  If the new kitty tries to hurt her or bother her she hisses at her and boxes right back.  We’ve also seen them laying by each other a couple times.  Huge progress!  They’ll probably never be friends but i’m hoping for the best!

More about the rest of our day tomorrow!  We have to go pick up fence pickets.  i think there are 130 or so.  This is going to suck lol.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

A Day Out

Master has big plans for us today! The zoo is free today!  We have been trying to go to the zoo at least once a year and as it turns out we usually end up going at the very end of the season.  There are good and bad things about that.  There’s no one at the zoo and that’s nice but it’s also really isolated and i really feel like we stick out like a sore thumb.  Sometimes all the concession stands have closed up for the season, actually that’s most of the time.  There are good things though.  We don’t have to listen to a thousand screaming kids and it’s not super hot!

After the zoo we’re going to do a little Christmas shopping.  We have to buy a few things early for Master’s brother’s family as they are doing Christmas early before Master’s Dad comes home.  Then we have a 2 for 1 coupon at a brand new casino so we’re going to use that! =)

So that’s our big day out and i’m looking forward to the day with Master!  Here’s hoping the rain stops because it’s been raining and sprinkling all morning.  It’s supposed to taper off by noon!

i hope you all have a great day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

You Can Call me cap

Yesterday was a complete waste of a day.  We got nearly nothing done.  i got a start on my laundry and got it all sorted but that was about it and one load washed but that was about all.  i brought about 50 stockings upstairs to sort and wash but i didn’t even start sorting them!

i slept the better part of the afternoon into the evening after i had one of my spells.  They really take everything out of me.  That’s not saying i had a lot of get up and go before i had that spell because i certainly didn’t.  i slept later than i should have, i didn’t wake up until i heard Master bustling around getting into the shower getting ready for work.  We go to work on Saturdays sometime after 9 or 9:30pm.  The group doesn’t leave until at least 9 so we’re rarely in there before 9:30pm.  Last night though we didn’t even leave the house until 10, then we had to run to the store for a few things.  We finally got to work at like 11:30! bleh.  i was thinking to myself, that isn’t going to put us home until about 2am.  i was pretty close i think we might have gotten home at 1:45am!  We’re used to being up late, it’s not a big deal for us to be up that late, it’s really not.  i just hate it, i’ll always hate it.  i will always want to live regular hours but Master likes these hours.  i’m a night owl, i’ve always been a night owl, just not this much of a night owl.  =)

i think it must have been about 3:45 when Master told me to go to the bedroom and get undressed just to my undergarments, use the bathroom and kneel by the bed.  i was only surprised by this because of the time,  i got up and went to the bedroom and did as instructed.  i knelt by the bed and waited only a few minutes before He came into the bedroom.  We’ve really been working on my libido and i think i’m doing a little bit better.  It and i need tons of work simply because of medicine.  It’s all medicine, that’s important to note here.  He told me to seduce Him and i did, i really did!! =)  We had a really fun night and every time He puts me in a position like that, where i’m sort of in the drivers seat it’s difficult but i’m reminded that i’m allowed to initiate sex too!  These are all very good things! =)

As most of you know Master loves taking pictures of me wearing all sort of shoes.  When we go to play tennis, He takes pictures of me changing from heels to my tennis shoes.  He was kind enough to buy me some awesome Super Hero socks to wear to play tennis and they are amazballs!  This is a picture of me putting on my Captain America socks.  They have little poof balls on the back.  The day i wore those i kindly reminded everyone that as long as i was wearing them, they could (should) call me “cap”.


i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Master told me i could go to the pic nic by myself if i wanted so i called His brother in law for a ride.  It was much later than i thought i was going, but i still went.  Master’s brother in law picked me up and of course he was late, he’s always late!

By the time we got there all the food had been put away and everyone was playing cards.  It was only 7pm so i was surprised that all the food was put away but that was OK, i wasn’t really planning on eating down there, it was just surprising.  The way it worked out, i ended up having to walk into the big rec hall alone.  i had to walk by one of the women that we had our big disagreement with and the other one was in the building.  i saw her get up and walk into the building as soon as she saw me walking toward the building.

i walked in and it was like a scene from a movie, everyone turned and looked at me and you could hear a pin drop.  No one spoke to me and i just walked right in and went over to my sister in law.  She said something to me and then the room picked up again.  It was mostly my fault, i should have greeted the room, i know better than that.  i learned that a long time ago, when you’re the one walking into a room, it’s on you to greet the room and i didn’t do that.  It was also very bad timing on my part because they had just finished a game so the lady that i used to be really close with got up and left almost the minute i walked in the door.  i sent her a belated birthday card so i asked her if she got her card.  She quite curtly said “yes, thank you”.  That’s all she said.  In the past she would have greeted me with a big smile and asked me how i’d been and given me a huge hug before she left.  Last night she could hardly bring herself to speak to me and she wasn’t even part of this whole debacle.  i can’t even begin to describe how hurtful her actions were.  i was expecting nastiness last night, i just wasn’t quite prepared for it to come from her.

In talking to my counselor she really encouraged either Master and i to go or just me to go for a little while.  There’s no way this situation is going to heal or repair itself so i took the first step.  Just by being there in a peaceful manner takes the first step.  i’m not saying i’m sorry because i know we didn’t do anything wrong.  i am saying that i still want to be a part of this family.  i need the interaction so this is the only way to work on healing,  one very small step at a time.  A few people talked to me, the ones i expected to talk to me.  i’m happy with that for now.  i guess you could call it progress??

Master came down after everyone was in bed and we played a card game with His sister and brother in law.  Master’s brother in law is sick with a cold so i’m pretty sure we’ll be sick in a couple days.  He was coughing all over plus he was coughing into his hands and then accidentally stabbed me with his jagged germ ridden fingernail.  He like really jabbed me too, it bled pretty good and it’s all red today!  Bleh.

We have lots of things on our “to do” list maybe we can knock a few off of them before we leave for work.  Have a nice evening everyone!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Pic Nic and Family Fun?

It looks like we’re finally going to get our roof done., there was a terrible hail storm in the spring and the insurance company gave us money for a new roof.  Master has been pretty set in His ways about having this one particular guy do our roof.  They have been friends for a long time and Master trusts his work.  The only problem with that is, he’s very busy because he’s in high demand.  Just yesterday he dropped by and set the date to do the roof and had us pick out the shingles.  Every single other house in our neighborhood has had their roof done this summer except us!  i feel so left out! haha!!

This is the weekend of the family camp out.  They have it every year and Master and i have gone every year they’ve had it.  This year however, it’s quite a bit different.  This year, there’s quite a bit of bad blood since that whole Christmas store incident when His cousins left us high and dry and holding the rest of the financial responsibilities.  The reason they moved out?  They thought the store was too crowded and didn’t like the layout.  Neither one of them had any retail experience and the store was no where near full enough, according to everyone else who saw the store.  Including the mall manager, my brother whose retail experience is out of this world, my sister, me, Master all of whom have more retail experience than they’ve dreamt of.  Anyway… it was a gigantic mess!!

i am going to try to go down with my brother in law if he can stop by and get me.  As it turns out he might be coming to get me way sooner than i thought, so i have to get going!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Starting Her Out Right

Master and i did a little shopping yesterday.  We were mostly looking for a new pair of shoes for Him which we did not find, by the way.  He has come to really find New Balance shoes very comfortable but they are also just about out of our price range so we have to really do some searching in order to find the right size, color scheme, great fit and price in order to spend the kind of money required to take the plunge.  We used to spend about $15 to $20 on shoes for Master and you could tell it, they would last about 6 months and be in pieces.  The New Balance He’s been wearing have lasted years and have been extremely comfortable.  They’ve really made a difference (i think) so the price difference is worth it, even if we can’t really afford them, His feet are worth the cost!

There’s a store at the big mall we go to that has some really good deals.  We got Him the jeans He wears for under $10!  i bought Him a pair for Christmas and we got Him a pair for now.  That’s super awesome to get them so cheap!  We also bought some other Christmas presents for His family. That’s also a very good thing to get some of those things done now.  That way we’re not hit all at once in November/December.

Yesterday morning i was getting dressed for the day and looking for a short slip to go with my dress.  my short slips are always sneaking to the depths of my lingerie cabinet and are about the hardest thing to find!  my slip drawer also happens to be the bottom drawer of my lingerie cabinet so, i had help finding my short slip!! Maybe even more help than i needed?

Before i could say “No Pixie stay out of my slips!” she was all the way in the back of the drawer.  You can say one thing for sure!  We’re teaching her right and getting her started early! =)

pixieslipWe came across some very good deals yesterday and we found some beautiful dresses yesterday.  Master said that this dress is one of the most beautiful dresses He’s ever seen.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one that fit me.  i still tried it on and He’s right it truly is gorgeous.  i really wish we could have found my size.  Maybe we can still find one, i won’t quit looking!!




i hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

It’s Good To Have Goals

Today Master and i are going to take a small day trip.  Not anywhere far, just to a mall that we don’t go to very often because it’s a little further than we usually go.  Then on our way home we’re finally going to use our Red Lobster gift card that we got last year for either our Anniversary or Christmas or something.  Either way, we’ve had it forever and it’s way past time the thing gets used.  Plus from what i am reading on line, they’ve just started endless shrinf <— the proper spelling in this house) and that is spectacular timing on Master’s part because He’s a fan of shrinf.

At one point Master was even contemplating having a shrinf tattooed on His arm.  i don’t think that’s even off the table, the idea was to have a shrinf holding a flogger. He can’t really have anything too bold unless He has it where no one can see it but i think He’d like to have it on His arm.  He nearly always wears sleeveless t-shirts because He’s always hot.  Knowing Him, we’ll be 55 before He makes a decision and i’ll have another one before He makes a decision about one. He’s sort of a perfectionist about some things! =)

Yesterday after Master’s blow job He called me over to Him on the bed and had me lie down next to Him.  i should back up a little, i knew it was going very well, you know how you can just tell?  i just happened to be saying all the right things and doing all the right things, in the right order at the right time.  It doesn’t happen that often that everything falls into place that perfectly.  i mean things go well and blow jobs must always be pretty good i guess.  i just don’t think that every single one goes absolutely perfectly.  Yesterday though everything was terrific and i had a feeling He was going to be very happy when it was over.  Back to the beginning of the end of the blow job; He called me to Him and He said that was one of the very best blow jobs He’d ever had in His life!  <beams>  Now, what did i do and how did i do it?  <memory storage>  i hope that i really can remember what i did i would love to know how i did every thing i did! i’m going try like heck to do everything i can to repeat what i did yesterday!  At least it’s certainly a goal now, for sure! Right?

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



Master and i have spent the last couple days working in the house just getting caught up on things.  We were going to do a show this weekend but the weather isn’t supposed to be that wonderful and it’s sort of expensive for the potential so we decided against participating this year.

i heard today that one of my very dearest and oldest friend’s son is getting married tomorrow.  While i’m certainly old enough for that, this is just the first of my friends to have a child marry so it’s just the next step and it’s pretty amazing how time certainly flies!

Master and i played tennis today for the first time in quite a while and it seemed like we hadn’t played in ages.  The sun was just brutal and we both wanted to stay and play longer, i just had to stop.  If the sun hadn’t been so hot i think i would have kept playing but for some reason today was just murder! (haha… i sounded like my grandma just then!!) =)

OK, that’s it for me, i’m pretty tired and apparently sort of punchy.  i hope you’re all happily snoozing.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Not Going To Get Up Today

Well we made it!  The show is over and we lived through it!  Master never had anymore contact with the Impastor so that was a very good thing!! As a matter of fact, i never spoke to him again and i actually only saw him once more riding in a vehicle.  i just wonder if the church was getting such poor feed back about him that he was told to lay off the vendors.  Whatever happened, i’m just thrilled that we never saw him or had to deal with him again!

Master just loves to snap pictures of me doing random things!  Here’s a fun one of me reachingkittyfood for kitty food! =)

First Master said that we’re going to sleep for the next three days and i was totally on board with that plan!  Then He reminded me that He wanted to go to the $2 baseball game on Monday!! Eeek that means we have to get up at a decent time because it’s an afternoon game! Ugh!  i can’t think about it, i think i’ll just crawl into bed and get as much sleep as i can before He makes me get up again! haha!

Right now though, i think my bed is calling me.  i’m even more than willing to just skip right over supper for bedtime!

i hope you all have a wonderful Sunday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



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