Chocolate Wonderment

Today we’re all getting geared up for the Viking game today! princess and i are making snacks to take downstairs for the game and Master is getting all geared up!

We had a nice night last night and i’m hoping for a leisurely day today!  It’s snowing outside just a bit.  Just enough to remind us it’s a good day to stay inside for football!

Last night i asked princess for a piece of chocolate after dinner.


This is what i got!! Enough to share with the whole family! =)Chocolates She gave me a wonderful array to choose from and it was glorious!! lol

Time to get ready for the game!





Peace to you and yours!

Go Vikings!!

MD’s treasure


Pizza and Movies

Master and i had to work today so everyone went with to get it done faster.  After work princess, Master and the little one went shopping and they dropped me off at a local nursing home.  i wanted to pay a visit to the little lady that i sit with.  She has been admitted to the nursing home and no one has been to see her for a while.  i felt really bad when i found out about that so i thought tonight would be a good time to run in and see her quickly.

i felt really good about going to see to her and even though she wasn’t doing very well, she’s stable and sort of recognized me when i went to leave.

When we got home we made a couple of pizzas and went downstairs to watch a movie.  i’m happy to say i’m feeling quite a bit better, i just hope i don’t have near the heartburn tonight that i had last night.  i was up and down all night with a horrible case of it! ugh!

i think the adults are going back downstairs for another movie.  This was just an intermission.

i hope you’re all having a lovely night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Rather Be Home

We had a bunch of plans for today.  Instead they all got cancelled or postponed because i wasn’t feeling well.  i did keep my Chiropractor appointment and we came straight home from that.  Master and i were going to go out to His sister’s house for pizza and a game night but even that was sort of in question before i started not feeling well last night.  When Master’s brother in law called today to say he wasn’t in the best shape but he would still be willing to get together, that was the best reason to call it off.  It just wasn’t a good idea for me to go have all sorts of rich food on an iffy stomach.

The other day princess had a small run in with a guy and his trailer at work.  She was the fourth or fifth person to hit this trailer and everyone was asking him to move the stupid thing.  This time she was backing up and he was turning a corner and they ran into each other.  He had a huge board sticking out of the back and it knocked her back window out and bent up her hatch.  Master spent the night knocking the glass out and patching it up with super thick plastic and i got on the phone and was able to find a replacement hatch.  We were lucky because she has a very unique vehicle and we found the exact year and color within driving distance.  Master’s buddy will put it on next Tuesday night when he’s here.  It does not escape us how very fortunate we are to have him.

We were going to go get the hatch today but we had an ice storm yesterday and decided that it might not be a good idea that we go right after the ice storm.  We rescheduled for Monday to pick it up and hopefully we’ll have a much safer trip.

Tonight we are just have a quiet night.  i’m still not 100% so it’s sort of a fend for yourself kind of night.  Except for the little one, of course!! haha We’ll feed her! =)  Then she asked to play a game after dinner and she got some cute new games for Christmas.

i’m looking forward to playing games and having a nice weekend!

i hope you’re all having a good night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure





We’re having an icy snowy day today.  It’s not the best day we’ve had around here lately either.  More growing pains, i guess is a good way to put it, if you will regarding our living situation.  Obviously the goal was and is for everyone to be happy and we are still working toward that.  i’m just not sure how that’s all going to play out.

Speaking of playing, we had everyone here for games on New Years eve and apparently princess snapped a picture of me looking very thrilled!  It might have been getting late because i’m looking less than enthusiastic, as princess called it.



It was a fun night but a very late night!  i don’t think we called it a night until after 3am! Whew, late night for sure!  Even though i look like i’m not having fun, i do enjoy playing card games and board games, very much!




i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Movie Night

Last night was a very difficult night for me.  i had one of the worst headaches i’ve had in a long time.  The bad thing is that it started at about 2am and i kept everyone up all night long.  Everyone being princess and Master.  Master doesn’t care, He’s always up late.  princess didn’t care, i just hate keeping everyone up so late and really just being the focus of everyone’s attention in that way.

This morning was a bit tougher as well but no where near the way it was last night, it will hang on throughout the day and i’ll hope it won’t come back tonight the way it was last night.  That would really stink!  i guess the worst part about that night was that normally everything i normally do to get it to ease up just wasn’t touching it and i was getting worried that nothing was going to work.  i didn’t want to go to the ER and that was looking like the last resort.  i do have some nasal medicine but i hate nasal meds and i’ve never tried this one.

Today we are going to work, then home for what i can only guess will be some sort of movie night.  Master got a bunch of movies for Christmas and we have a free night tonight.

i hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Lots of Docs

Master and i had a few errands to run today.  The first of which was taking His Dad to the eye Doctor.  Everything with His Dad is an adventure these days.  He won’t wear his hearing aids so the very moment we walk into the office, the very very quiet office, he’s hollering and everyone is looking at us.  It’s a really nice place and the ladies who work there are all nicely dressed and well mannered.  Which is why it was fairly embarrassing when he tried to insist on hugging one of the girls who work there and was quite insistent on finding her again.  When he asked about one of the girls who worked there, i immediately knew what he was getting at and tried to divert his attention.  He makes people terribly uncomfortable and they don’t know what to do when he does stuff like that.

Master and i had dentist appointments right after his eye doctor appointment so we had just enough time to run another quick errand and then run him home.  We made it to our dentist for a cleaning and then came home.  i have been hurting all week with a sore leg, we thought i might have a pinched nerve or something so i finally had an appointment to see the chiropractor this afternoon after my dentist.  We came home and completely forgot about the Chiropractor! We felt awful so i called an apologized profusely and she was super nice.  She said they were full anyway and i might have had to wait. That really didn’t matter, Master is friends with the Chiropractor and felt terrible about doing that! i have another appointment on Monday that i most certainly can not forget!

i have had three spells now in two days.  i’m not sure what’s the matter, just a couple of bad days.  i just woke up after a long nap and hopefully my last one for a couple days.  It’s time to go watch a little TV and see if everyone else is ready too.

i hope you’re all having a wonderful night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Snow Much Fun!

We have only a few hours before people get here and i believe i may have a pinched nerve in my back that is radiating down my leg.  Master just came upstairs and said He wasn’t feeling too great and princess has sore hips.  Perfect!  We have lots of cooking and straightening up to do and no one else is going to do this stuff! i’m not going to have the house look like a wreck and not have food ready when we were the ones who wanted them to come here.

The other day when we got so much snow princess and i went outside to check on Master to see how He was doing shoveling so much snow!  We cleaned off the cars and didn’t do too much to help but at least we did a little something and He wasn’t out there all day and night by Himself.

For part of the time, we were trying to catch snowflakes on our tongues and Master was taking breaks by flipping Himself into the huge piles of snow He’d created throughout the dasnowflakey.  princess was on camera duty!

princess says you can see my tongue piercing in this picture.  i’m not able to see it but i’m sure if you look closely or blow it up, you can.  This is our house in the background.  We were only one of two houses on our street to put up lights this year!


MastersnowangelMaster decided to polevault Himself into a couple of the huge snow piles and one of them wasn’t as deep as He expected them to be!  He hit the ground a little harder than He expected!! Oops!  There’s also a video of Him actually flipping into the snow! =)



i have lots to do and precious little time to get it all done.  i hope you all have a very lovely and safe New Years eve and  Happy New Year

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Quiet Morning

Master and i have to go to work today and get a few things for tomorrow night.  We have just about everything under the sun as far as snack foods go.  We get way too much snacky stuff in our stockings and tomorrow night will be a perfect time to use it up.  Unfortunately, not enough of it will get eaten!

Unfortunately the little lady that i have been watching, is going to a nursing home.  i’m glad for her because that’s where she belongs, but no one wants to end up in a nursing home away from their family.  She just needs more care than they can give her.  Master’s sister is very happy about it and no one could possibly blame her.  She’s had her in her home for nine years and she’s been a handful these last three years.  Master’s sister deserves to have privacy in her own home and spend time with her husband, she hasn’t had that in a very long time.

It’s a quiet morning here, i’m writing here, princess is writing in the journal we got her and Master is watching a bowl game He’s been looking forward to watching.  The little one is playing in her room and the kitty is sunning herself on the kitchen table! lol!

It’s about time for one of us girls to go find out if the Master of the house would like a snack for His game!  Cheese and crackers would be nice, i’m sure! =)  On that note, i better scoot off here and see about His snack! Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


The Weather Outside Is Frightful

We had a full day planned but it was totally interrupted by mother nature.  We were supposed to take Master’s Dad to a doctor appointment and go to work but instead we stayed home all day and Master spent the day shoveling snow.  princess was off work today anyway, which was a very good thing.  i’m not sure how much snow we ended up getting but it seemed like quite a bit for the amount of time Master spent shoveling.

We are going to have Master’s sister and brother in law over for New Years eve this year so we spent a little time straightening up and just putting away Christmas presents.  i’m not going to go crazy cleaning but i would like the house to resemble clean.  Most of Sunday we will spend cooking so the only cleaning we’ll do will be done tomorrow evening when we get home from work and whatever we got done today.

i’m hoping they will still come because Master said it’s supposed to be like -12 on New Years Eve or -17 or something crazy like that.  That’s just crazy cold!

It’s late and time for bed, way past time for bed, even.  i hope you’re all staying warm!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Dealing With It

This morning i talked my sister for a little while.  She wanted to tell me about a meal she made for a dinner party.  She was really proud of herself and she has every right to be when it comes to food.  The funny thing is sometimes she thinks i have no idea what she’s talking about, like we didn’t grow up in the same house.  i realize that she had much different training than i did but she also had on the job training at a place where i also worked.  i just didn’t have the training.

Her meal sounded amazing and her effort was even more commendable.  The best part was how excited she was about it and the fact that i was able to share in that, in some small way.  i told her that i had a rough day yesterday and before i even told her that, she started sending photos of her house.  She must have heard it in my voice that i wasn’t doing so well so she just started sending photo after photo of each room of her house all decorated.


i know that absolutely no one in the world cares about my sister’s Christmas tree and that’s not what this is about.  It’s about my ability to deal a bit better with the holidays away from all of my family.  i found out today that they are all going to be together on Christmas this year which is wonderful.  It’s the first time they’ve gotten together on Christmas.  i’m happy for them.  my brother’s whole family is home too and that’s amazing as well. His son is going to be living in Japan the next three years so they need to get in as much family time as they can now before he and his fiance leave.  Seeing a photo or the many photos that she sent just helps put me there, with them.  i love my life with Master, i love our Christmas and i love our traditions.  It’s just that this year is tough, without our kitty, the dog, the bird and things have been difficult.   Anything we can do to make things easier on ourselves i think are the best things to do!

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


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