Change Of Plans

Today i was going to go to a friend’s house to help do some baking, yes i have a friend! Yay me! However, we’re having our first snow and our first snow wasn’t just flurries i can tell you that!  Holy smokes! i went to bed at about 3:30 and when i woke up about 6 hours later it looked like the North Pole here!  i love to see the first snow fall and i really think this type of super heavy snow on the trees is beautiful but we weren’t ready for it and i hate the thought of having to go out on the roads.  i won’t be going out to do any baking today, i can tell you that much for sure!

i mentioned that Master and i went to the Christmas Stroll Friday night. It’s always the first Friday in December.  Every once in a while the Holiday Train comes through town and this year it passed through our downtown.  The last time it was in town i remember Master’s Mom being all excited about going to see it but we didn’t go.  We were even at the stroll and didn’t go to the tracks to see the train.  This is totally crazy because the tracks are a block away from the stroll so i’m not even sure how would could have missed the train, but whatever.  This year i really wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  They deck out this train or at least several cars of the train in Christmas lights and it stops in towns across the country to raise money and food for food banks .

It was fun and freezing and i was so super happy i dressed like Nanook of the north!! The only part of me that was really cold were my hands and feet but it wasn’t horrible, there have been years where it was much worse! We were both pretty thankful to get back in the warm vehicle though, i can say that!

i took several photos of the train but i’m not sure if any of them turned out.  i think you’ll get the idea however!

holidaytrainIt was impossible to get a great shot, especially with my ancient phone but it was still a pretty cool event.

i guess now that my plans have changed for the day, i am going to try to make a plan for things here at home.  Goodness knows there plenty of stuff here to keep me busy for a month straight!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!



Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Busy Is Good

We have another busy day today!  i’m grateful that i’m being kept busy lately.  i know how much i miss our little doggy now that i’ve been so occupied, i can’t imagine how bad it would be if i didn’t have much going on right now, especially with it being the holidays.  i haven’t done any decorating yet but i plan on doing some.

i’ve been really worried about our old Christmas tree the past few years.  It’s artificial (obviously) but due to it’s age, the branches and whatever it’s made of have gotten very brittle and dry.  i worry that it’s a terrible fire hazard, it is after all more than 20 years old.  i’ve been here 15 years and i know Master had the tree long before i came here, it’s safe to say 20, if not much older, but we’ll be on the safe side! =)  Each year i take the thing out of the tub and the needles just pour off of it and last year i swore that had to be the last year for the poor thing.  It has been dying a slow death and i just don’t want to take a chance with it again this year.

i’ve been wanting a pre-lit tree for years but i wasn’t sure why Master was very resistant.  This year i found a couple of very nice sales and asked Him if we could look.  He told me His reservations on pre-lit trees and just as i was uncomfortable with the old one, i want Him to be comfortable with a new one.  There’s no point in one or the other of us being uncomfortable.  So we found a really nice tree for a very nice price, much better than we’d normally find, i think.  Who knows, we’ll probably see it at the end of the season for $20! =)

Today i am going to do another sitting job while Master’s sister and brother in law go to a party.  It won’t be too bad and if i have the get up and go maybe i’ll work on my Christmas cards while i’m out there.  That sort of sounds to me like i won’t do it!! hahaha!!! Then again, it would be really nice to have them all done and it would give me something to do other than just sit there and watch reruns of bad Christmas movies all day!

Before i head out there though in the land of no internet and phone, we’re going to the vet once again to pick up more medicine for the kitty.  The shots we were giving her seem to be working because she stopped eating very well after we stopped giving them to her.  We have to get those back in her, pronto!! i don’t have a lot of time to get ready, get out to the vet and be ready by the time Master’s brother in law gets here to pick me up! So, i’m off!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!

i’ll post pictures of the holiday stroll tomorrow, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train came through town last night.  It was a very cool sight!  They even had a live band playing right inside one of the cars! Super neat! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Christmas Stroll

Master and i have had a pretty busy week.  We’ve been fairly productive and it feels like things are falling into place with quite a bit of effort.  Monday it was about 5o degrees here so we seized the opportunity and got some work done on the fence.  There were still 11 or 12 fence panels to build on that same side that we were working on last year and each panel seems to take almost 2 full hours to build.  After gathering all the tools and equipment we need, that alone is part of the project.  Then we can start work.  As always, i’m the gopher and i just serve as the helper.  i try to just do as i’m told and hold things that need to be held and have the right tools available when He needs them.  It took a while to remember our system that we had last year when we built the majority of the fence but after just a few minutes we had our system back and we were back in business.

It gets dark so early now and even though we thought we were getting a fairly early start, we only got 2 full panels built.  It wasn’t too bad and we got two of the very badly damaged ones replaced.  The wind can really whip through here during the winter so i’m glad we got them finished.  We still hope to get more done, 50 degrees wasn’t bad at all, especially because the sun was shining so bright so we are confident we can work in 40-35 degree weather.  i’m not sure if i can do any less than that, so we can’t wait much longer, we just have to work with Mother Nature! =)

Clearly, things have been rough for us.  Losing a dog, our cat is failing but really just on a plateau.  It’s wonderful that she’s still here and staying strong enough to run down the hall way and jump up on the bed and run down the steps (away from me! lol). We just wish she would get better!  This in between is so difficult.  We spend hours every day sitting and feeding her nearly begging her to eat or drink, Master is the One who does this for the most part.  However if she’s not going to get better, this waiting is so hard and agonizing.  She isn’t withdrawn and she still wants to be with us, she’s drinking when she’s thirsty and sometimes she eats, just not often.  Her eyes are bright, she’s just horribly thin.  i can’t bare to end her life when she seems to have so much left.  If she were withdrawn and lethargic, i would know it was time.  That’s just not the case, until then, we are committed to spending our days tending to her.  Master is terrified that He’ll wake up with her on His lap, gone.  He says He worries about hearing me screaming one day when i find her.  That won’t be the case, i will fall apart but, i know when she goes it will be on her terms, in her time.  i think she knows how hard this is going to be for me, maybe in some weird way she’s giving me time.  i’m sure that’s not the case at all, but she’s just being so strong, i can’t figure out how she’s hanging on.

Master’s Dad being back in town adds stress too of course and while one likes to think that they are above all that.  No one is above being affected by stress.  It happens to everyone, whether they like it or not.  We’re working hard to not let it get to us and work things through as a couple.  Stress affects everything though and it manifests itself it the weirdest ways.  When i’m stressed i often try to “take control” of things because although i am a submissive person, i am also a leader.  i have good ideas and often times people pick me to make things happen in different situations.  That’s a bad thing in a relationship like this and i have to pull back, a lot.  It’s difficult for me when even though, i do need to pull back, i’m still put in those roles where i have to “make things happen”.  There’s a fine line and in a normal, less stressful lifestyle, i have been able to find that thin line, where i’ve always been very comfortable.  Lately, i cross the line and just bulldoze my way right through.

i’m happy to say that i believe i’m trying to find balance again.  i can’t give up the responsibilities so i have to be much more aware of myself.  Easier said than done when the stress piles up, i know i can do it though.  =)

Tonight is the Christmas Stroll!  We go every year and this year is no exception!  It’s the start of a lovely holiday season.  Stress and worrying set aside for this Christmas season!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


Less Worrying, More Peace

If it’s possible, i guess we’re learning how to live without a dog in our lives.  i’m not sure if Master has ever not had a dog and it’s been a long time for me. The kitties are somewhat quiet unless Pixie is on a rampage, then, not so quiet!  If she’s not sleeping, she can really get into some serious mischief!!

Master and i have to run out to the Home Building Supply store and get concrete so we can fill a large order for Christmas.  i’ll be super relieved when that order is filled and delivered.  It’s a nice size order and she hasn’t completely paid yet, just the deposit, so that’ll be nice  for Christmas too!

We just got home from our trip out and it’s time for dinner and a movie.  We deserve a nice night of food and zoning out.  i am going to cut this post pretty short and just say i hope you’re all enjoying your evening and enjoying time with your families.  It’s something i need to do more of, just take time to enjoy life and try not to constantly worry about things so that’s what i’m off to do.  Enjoy my evening with Master.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure



This was taken yesterday!!

Thanksgiving Day one of my oldest and best friends got remarried.  This time i think it might actually stick.  In the past she’s had some real trouble with infidelity and flirty behavior on just about every other relationship she’s ever had.  This time, the man she’s married, is much stronger than she is and simply won’t tolerate that behavior.  He’s someone she’s always needed in her life and she truly seems happy.

i was her one and only attendant when she was married the first time when we were kids.  She was young and beautiful and she married my first boyfriend.  =)  A man who never should have been treated the way he was treated.  He’s a wonderful father and was an incredible husband to her, much better than she deserved, actually.  He’s happily married again, so that’s wonderful.

The only reason i’m writing about her today is because she chose to get married in Maui.  She and her new husband totted their entire families all the way to the Hawaiian Islands for a destination wedding that i could never have afforded to attend.  The wedding was stunning and she looked lovely as did their children.

Her new husband wrote, it was a beautiful blending of families.  i’m just feeling sad because i couldn’t be there to see her get married and the funny thing is i only feel a slight sense of regret on her part that her closest friends aren’t there. i realized this morning that i just don’t know her very well anymore, it’s been a long time since i’ve spent any real time with her and i regret terribly.  i hope that one day soon she and i can see each other and get in touch once again.  We were too close to let that slip away.

Yesterday she sent me a picture of her children swimming with a sea turtle (after i asked for one) and where i might be jealous, i am truly happy for my friend.  What a gorgeous sight!!  That’s what paradise looks like!

Today, i’m happy for my friend.

Peace to you and yours, wherever you all are, i hope you find your paradise!

MD’s treasure

Every Reason To Be Thankful

i have always been somewhat of a realist.  Quite pragmatic even, i really try to be sensible about most things and i can use practical reasoning for just about any situation.  Master’s the super sentimental one, i don’t normally cry at sad movies, Master hates that about me, He calls me a robot.  my point here being, i can just about figure out why things are happening in just about any and all situations.  IE Cause and Effect.  This happened or is going to happen because of This.  i can reason that out in my head and become OK with whatever happens because there’s a reason for things.

You get where i’m going with this i’m sure.  In this past year there have been so many things that i simply can’t “reason” my way out of or figure out.  In this past year we’ve lost a bird, Master lost an Aunt, an Uncle we just lost our dog and i just don’t see how our cat is going to make it through the end of the month let alone the end of the year.  It’s not just the deaths though.  We had a severe hail storm and for all intents and purposes, that was a blessing, i think.  It turned out we got a new roof out of the deal but that’s been a huge pain and the deal still isn’t done and we still have siding damage that’s not repaired and this is Iowa, it gets -35 windchill sometimes -20 or worse real temps.  i want things fixed before winter.  That’s just not going to happen.  Let’s also toss in there that Master’s Dad had a very scary quadruple bi-pass after a heart attack, that’s a fun one.

i have always truly tried to focus on the good, for instance, getting that roof was an incredible stroke of good luck.  We wouldn’t have been able to afford a new roof and it was time for a new one.  i choose to look at that storm as a blessing, with it’s challenges.  Life always comes with it’s fair share of challenges and i’m not so simple minded to believe that we’re immune to them. It’s how quickly and how often those challenges are spread out throughout a lifetime that i’m struggling with at the moment.

i also recognize that i have plenty to be thankful for.  Here i am complaining that the siding isn’t going to be fixed for winter when some people would kill to have ANY home with siding.  Here i am whining about the roof taking so long to get finished when millions of people would take this house with a damaged roof in a heartbeat and never complain for a second.  Here i am complaining that we’ve lost family members who have had full lives when so many have lost babies and their entire families.  There’s no reason for me not to give myself a bit of a break but we also have to realize how good we have it compared to so many others in this world.  We’re also incredibly blessed that Master’s Dad pulled through his surgery as well as he did especially at his age.  So while this year has certainly been a bit ominous, when compared to so many others who have it so much worse, i have zero right to complain.  i even have a hard time complaining about my headaches, as sick to death of them as everyone is who knows me, they are still here hanging on for dear life.  Every day i remind myself that no matter how bad i’m hurting someone else has it worse.

We are truly blessed and have every reason to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

MD’s treasure

One Day At A Time

It’s a beautiful day here today.  It’s a cool crisp fall day here today and there’s football on the TV.  Master’s Dad is in the living room watching his team and Master’s in the den watching a different team.  i really like the sound of football on the TV on a Sunday afternoon.  It’s always given me a sense of family and reminded me of Sundays at my Mom’s house when i was a young adult.

Master and i still have a house guest.  His Dad is still here but i’m thinking he might go home this evening.  He’s doing quite a bit better.  He can stay if he wants but i know he’s always anxious to go back home whenever he starts feeling better so i’m sure he’ll want to think about going home.  Having him here is a bit of a strain on Master and i just because right now he’s on our couch.  His lack of cleanliness bugs Master so much that He won’t go near where His Dad sits.  Even though i’ve covered the couch in vinyl seat covers and an additional blanket and towels.  Any time Master’s Dad is here i have to pretty much scour the whole place up and down before Master will go near where His Dad was. There’s no amount of cleaning sometimes to make Master feel better, it just gets in His head and it’s difficult for Him to get past those feelings for a while.  No matter how many times something is cleaned.

i’m hoping to make some good progress today on laundry.  The more laundry i finish, the closer i get to feeling like things might be getting back to normal.  Whatever that is, i don’t know.  i’ll settle for not insane, that works too!

As long as nothing goes wrong today, i will be happy with that!  i think that’s a good way to look at things for a while.  One day at a time! We can’t do anymore than that anyway!

i hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure

Big Bob


Sometimes things get so difficult, you have no choice but to pull up your boot straps and just deal with whatever you’re dealt in life.  That’s how i am choosing to look at my current situation.  The vet said he had 2 weeks to 6 months to live when we were at his office on Wednesday.  As it turned out he had just shy of three days.  Last night he started breathing very heavily again and within a couple of hours, he went on his terms.  We were right there with him, telling him how much we loved him and how much we’d miss him.  He was a sweet little guy who sometimes tested our patience as lots of little fellas do. =) There was even a rumor he liked pillows, he made us laugh, he loved to “play bone”, was crazy for hot dogs and ultimately gave us years of loyal love.

bigbob_nTo say we’ll miss him is just a horrible understatement.  When we got him, he was already named.  He came to us named Gizmo.  Master was never a fan of that name so we went through a hundred different cute little names and because of his huge personality, he became “Big Bob”. He was also called Robert, Senator Robert (he was an important man!!), Bubba, Bobo, Great Big Beautiful Bob, he was tiny man with a great big personality.

Lots of people will miss Big Bob, especially Daddy, mommy, Doodie, Pixie, Kerpy, Chloe, Kevin, Whiskers, Farebanks, Peanut, Lily, Lola, Grandpa, 2 Aunts and 2 Uncles!! He was very well loved.

Rest in peace baby Bubba, we love you!


Piling Up

Sometimes you just have to remember that there’s always someone who has more going on in their lives than you do.  Things can always be worse and i have to give thanks for what i have in my life. While i say that more and more things keep piling up and i truly do have make the previous statements my mantra.

Wednesday night our little Yorkie started breathing very heavily and all of a sudden we weren’t sure if he was going to have a seizure or what was happening to him.  After a bit of a rough evening we took him to the vet the next day.  The vet said that he’s got a terrible murmur.  We had been told about his murmur years ago but apparently this murmur has just taken a toll on his little body.  The vet said that with his condition, he won’t give our little doggie more than 2 weeks to 6months.    It’s almost like our dog and cat are in a race at this point and i would rather they both turn out losers!!!

Last night about 10pm Master’s sister called and said “hey have you talked to Dad?” That’s never a good thing.  He fell and the medical alert people couldn’t raise him on the phone.  We hung up from her and started getting ready to go to his house when Master’s Dad called from his cell phone, asking for our help.  He had pushed his button but he’d also made his way to his cell phone to call Master.  i told him we were on our way but the ambulance would beat us there.  This time he didn’t have any terrible injuries thankfully, he just needed to be looked over and have an xray and some blood work.  When we went to leave though, he got a bit freaked out thinking about going home alone and what could happen if he fell.

He decided that it would be better to come home with Master and i for a day or so, just to make sure he’s feeling stronger. i’m not sure that a couple days will make a huge difference but whatever makes him feel better is what matters.

i just made supper and everything seems to be settling down for the day.  Master’s Dad is comfy on the couch and with any luck tonight will go off without a hitch.

i hope you’re all having a lovely Friday night!

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


butterflychairThe day that Master took me on the cookie picnic there were lots of other things to see!  Not the least of which was this amazing butterfly chair!  They have these butterfly chairs at the zoo we go to but they aren’t anywhere near this big! i think that Master and i need one of these in our yard!

Someone asked if there were any photos of our Halloween adventure.  i think there are some so as soon as i get a minute, i’ll get some of those posted!  What you really need to see are some of the pictures of Master in His amazing red leather pants.  Someone at the party said that He looked like He was wearing the interior of a 1990’s Astro Van! Ahhhahaha Sooo amazing! =)

We just got home from our 3rd funeral in ten days! We have about had it with this for now, thank you very much.  None of these funerals were of the tragic type.  They had all lived good long lives and there were no emergencies. All of them were peaceful and while it’s always terribly sad, i suppose this could have been worse.  Today they did the full military honors for Master’s uncle.  i’ve never been to a funeral like that before.  It was quite something to witness, also, quite emotional for everyone. =(  i’m just glad it’s over and hopeful we don’t have anymore of that for a while!!

Master and i had planned on a quiet movie night at home.  With a slight change of plans we are going to post pone our movie night until tomorrow night.

i’m looking forward to still a quiet night, just upstairs watching movies and hopefully, getting the kitty to eat!! <fingers crossed>

Peace to you and yours,

Tonight there’s a super moon!  The brightest moon in 70 years! i hope you all enjoy it tonight!

MD’s treasure

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